20 Creative DIY Wall Decor Ideas [Unique, Cool, Easy, and Brilliant]

WALL DECOR IDEAS – To me, a bare wall is a real eyesore, but it does get me excited because it serves as a massive blank canvas for some creative and fun designing.

The best way to decorate walls really is to make something yourself; not only will it save you from having to spend too much money, but whatever you create will be unique and customized to your personal taste.

Some people tend to think that art can only be made by people who have that knack for painting and drawing freehand, but this way of thinking really deters people from trying things out.

There are many ways to create visually impressive and impactful art without that natural talent. If you just give it a try, you may just surprise yourself and find that you’re a lot craftier than you initially thought.

Brilliant DIY Wall Decor Ideas

1. Styled Wooden Ledge

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Move over, gallery walls! Styled ledges are having a moment. This is the perfect option if you’re a person who likes to switch things up frequently.

The idea of wall decoration like this is quite beautiful to look at. You can add other decorations such as family photos, childhood photos, or unique and interesting miniature ornaments.

2. Woven Wall Hanging

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If you’re a fan of bohemian style, you’ve definitely noticed the resurgence of vintage-inspired, flat-weave textiles. Instead of forking over a hefty chunk of change for a woven wall hanging.

Interestingly, you can make wall hangings like this yourself. Because the idea of decorating walls with decorations like this is quite easy.

3. Color Swatch Gallery Wall

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This colorful gallery wall idea is perfect for a craft room or kids’ area. Simply print oversized squares in the colors of your choice and frame them in a grid.

This wall decoration idea is simple but interesting. And of course will make the room became more colorful for children. Thus, the child is carried away by the atmosphere of a colored room.

4. Ceiling Medallion

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Buy an inexpensive ceiling medallion at a home improvement store to mount on your wall rather than the ceiling. Paint or stain it to match your room’s color scheme.

5. Beaded Wall Hanging

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Do you like the idea of a tapestry but want something more glam? Go for a beaded wall hanging. Here, the beaded wall piece beautifully accentuates the teal upholstered chair.

6. Green Chalkboard

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Old-school green chalkboards offer a vintage vibe that their counterparts can’t match. The best part? You can change the look of your wall with some chalk and a little creativity.

7. Railroad Crossing Sign

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Think outside the box when it comes to salvaged pieces. Here, a railroad crossing sign adds vintage flair to an otherwise empty wall.

8. anging Yarn Art

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This is quite possibly one of the simplest things to make; if you think about it, all you’re doing is tying yarn strands to a twig.

The fun comes with picking the colors and deciding on how long or short you want the strands – I find that the irregularity really adds to the charm.

9. Paper Cherry Blossoms

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These easy little paper flowers may take you back to your elementary school days; who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia? The incorporation of actual tree branches is what makes this really stand out. I’d just love to cover a wall with these delicate blossoms!

10. Ball Spikes

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I really love it when someone sees something expensive in a store and then finds a way to make it themselves for just a few bucks.

If you’re not so inclined, though, luckily, the internet is teeming with these types of people who are more than happy to share their brilliance, as is the case with these stunning, sculptures. I’m considering making like 10 or so in different sizes (shorter and longer sticks) to cover a big portion of a wall.

11.  Stone cladding

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Another idea for adding texture to living or dining room wall decor is to clad a section of the wall with stone tiles. It will bring a lovely natural look to the area.

12. Light up the wall

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Of course, you can think out of the box and come up with innovative ways to make your walls memorable. Displaying a stunning collection of colourful artistic lamps on the living room wall will not only make the room brighter but also introduce a stunning element that becomes the highlight of your house.

13. A beautiful landscape

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Bedrooms need to be soothing so that it allows you to relax within. Among the best wall decor ideas for bedrooms is installing a wallpaper with a beautiful scenery to create a calm ambiance in the room. It can work just as well in living rooms or dining areas.

14. CD Wall

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Whether you want to use your old CDs or visit flea markets to find your favourite recording artists, creating a CD wall is a great solution for wall decor ideas from waste material. It is also an inexpensive way to make a wall unique and interesting.

15. A Green Wall (Best Wall Decor Ideas)

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A living or green wall also works well in a dining room or living area as it introduces a refreshing touch to the ambiance. If you want the room to be cool and look natural, try decorating your wall using this wall decor idea.

16. Mason Jars

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Mason jars are a hack for easy DIY home decor. They are stunning on their own, but a small tweak can also bring them to a whole different level.

You can use them as terrariums, vases, or even tealight lanterns. The great thing about mason jars is that they’re versatile, so you can get creative and transform them into anything you like!

17. Instagram Gallery

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For Instagrammers who create beautiful imagery and inspiring galleries, this one is perfect for you. If you like how your feed looks on your tiny screen, imagine looking and admiring it right in front of you, in your own house.

To make this, you can go with the simple way by sticking your photo prints directly on the wall, or add a little something to make it more stylish, for example wooden blocks or wall photo frames.

How to arrange the photos? Just arrange them like you would on Instagram!

18. Statement Prints

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Sometimes, less is more. For a clean and uncluttered look for your wall, you can choose 2-3 statement pieces to decorate it.

If you’re an illustrator, painter, or photographer, this is the chance to showcase your masterpiece using wall art prints. All you have to do is print and hang them in the centre of the wall. All eyes will be on it!

19. Kids Art Gallery Wall

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Don’t let your kids feel left out. Ask them to pick some of their favourite artwork from their collection, and let them join you in the fun. If they want to create something special for the wall decoration, these easy painting ideas for kids can be their inspiration.

For a more refined and elegant look, use simple and minimalist frames for their artwork before hanging them on the wall. Seeing their work on the wall will surely make them proud!

20. Canvas Wall Banner

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Easy and stylish, canvas wall banners are the top choice for DIY wall art. All you need is a dowel, canvas fabric, leather scraps for the letters, and a glue gun to stick them to the canvas.

So is an example of the best wall decor ideas. Are you inspired by the above design idea? We hope you get the inspiration you want.