21 Bathroom Remodel Ideas [The Latest Modern Design]

Bathroom Remodel – Every bathroom remodel starts with a design idea. From traditional to contemporary to beach-inspired, bathroom design options are endless. Our gallery showcases bathroom remodeling ideas. From full master bathroom renovations, smaller guest bath remodels, and bathroom remodels of all sizes.

Like the flooring in one project but not the shower or tub? No problem. We’ll help you tie the different design ideas together for one perfect bathroom remodel.

Best Bathroom Remodel

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You can put a lamp like the picture above in your bathroom. It is modern, classic and elegant. And let’s take a look at more bathroom remodel ideas below. You are sure to find cool inspiration here.

1. Elegant Bathroom Remodel

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Source: southernliving.com

The shower is a small and defined space where you can afford a little splurge, whether it’s on amazing shower-heads or sensational tile.

The light blue hue of this Carrara marble floor and shower may make you feel as if you are showering in the ocean. Is not this an interesting enough idea for your bathroom remodel?

2. Give Natural Wood a Starring Role

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There’s no need to paint all of your surfaces. Use stain-grade natural wood to give a depth of color and tone to your space.

The honey-colored cabinetry, flooring, and trim featured in this room take center stage when paired with a limited color palette.

3. Mix Your Neutrals

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Play with whites, beiges, and grays in the same space. Cut-stone tile covers the floor, and limestone accents the countertops.

Hexagonal tiles, in variegated natural hues, act as a border for the tub surround, wrap around the shower, and adorn the sinks’ backsplash.

4. Mix Materials

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Don’t feel hemmed in by one particular style. Unexpected combinations lend an eclectic sensibility to your master bath. Luxurious materials, like marble, are juxtaposed with rough beams and concrete floors in this space.

Do not let your bathroom remodel is not maximal, so make you regret. Make it as comfortable as possible when you are cleaning in the bathroom.

5. Get Creative with Cabinets

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Just because it’s the standard way doesn’t mean it’s the best way for your home. Research different cabinet configurations to find the best layout for your master bath.

Instead of a traditional upper cabinet with doors on the front, this configuration offers separate shelves for each vanity.

6. Add a Little Sparkle

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The homeowner relocated the tub and tucked it into a cozy surround that includes a pair of glass-shelved hanging cabinets and an inset beveled mirror.

The mirror adds sparkle and enlarges the space, while the rows of open shelving give the room lots of storage and a vintage-apothecary feel. There’s a lot going on in this tiny room, but the classic black-and-white palette with brass accents keeps things from looking chaotic.

The millwork’s lacquered finish adds depth and polish, and the traditional pattern of the marble hex floor tile is a nod toward the house’s 1930s roots.

7. Keep it Comfortable

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Floor to ceiling linen draperies can create a relaxed atmosphere and add softness, privacy, and light filtration to your master bath.

Beautiful flowers make the atmosphere look more fresh and natural. Who does not want to bathroom remodel to be like the picture above.

8. Creative Bathroom Remodel Design

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Don’t just allow for plumbing parts in your tub surround. This wood tub surround has enough depth to do double duty as a bench.

Complete your bathroom with a bench as a new creative idea. This will be a very helpful facility.

9. Beauty Wall

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Source: homeluf.com

Beautifully textured walls give this bathroom a unique modern style design. The bathroom also has a double sink with mirrors and a walk in glass shower with textured walls to compliment the look of the bathroom.

10. White and Black Tiles

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This bathroom with white and black tiles, with a unique ceiling design giving it a contemporary look. The high profile bathtub is built in the corner next to a separate shower with a glass door. The bathroom has unique black countertops that compliment its design.

11. Simple Modern

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The brown tiles and black vanity with a white basin on top boast a streamlined design for a contemporary look. This is a simple modern art design and has not much space in it.

The combination of black and brown tiles gives it a sleek design, with a mirror mounted on top.

12. Glass Window

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As light comes through the window, it makes the shower looks large. The bathtub is separated from the toilet and the sink with high standard glass doors. It also has the perfect color; brown mixed with white.

Make the windows as adequate ventilation to include fresh air and bright light. Renovate your bathroom with this design idea.

13. Perfect Beauty

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Small bathroom with floors made of limestone. This bathroom has a perfect look, and you don’t need to think twice before choosing this. You can see the double sink by the side, with a walk-in glass shower at the end.

14. Perfect Bright

Excited bathroom remodel ideas black and white #Homedecor #Bathroomremodel #Homerenovation
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A coastal bathroom with a spacious shower and white walls. The blue countertops in this bathroom compliment its detailed geode design above the bathtub, with lights to give it a perfect bright look.

15. Great Color and Design

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A small bathroom with great color and design. The bathroom is hidden off the kitchen, with a white sink, an oval shaped mirror with toilet. The floors are also white to fit with the walls and make wonderful use of a small space.

16. White Walls and Brown Tiles

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White walls and brown tiles are complimented by a brown vanity with white countertops and sink. It has both a bathtub and a glass-enclosed shower. An art picture is hung on the end wall to give the bathroom an elegant view.

17. Bathroom Lights

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This is a full modern bathroom design with a little work of art. The toilet is fitted with the side of the sink with a glass enclosed shower. The design is complimented with a mixture of brown and gray colors.

18. Walls Floral Design

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This bathroom has a feminine design, with a dual console sink. The walls have a floral design to add to the beautiful view of the bathroom, with tiles in the perfect complimentary color.

19. Striped Wall

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A striped wall compliments the look of this modern bathroom design. It has both the tub and shower nestled on the same side, with sink and toilet on the opposite side.

Beautiful design ideas by making walls with striped motifs. This will make your bathroom more beautiful. Think about this design for your bathroom remodel.

20. Both Tub and Shower

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Both tub and shower – the choice is yours to make. This bathroom has an elegant view with gray tiles to add more beauty to the flare of the bathroom. The shower is also well designed with its gray tiles.

21. Beauty Modern Bathroom

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This modern bathroom is entirely different from every other modern bathroom you see. Instead of white tiles, the shower has black tiles and white outside walls to compliment the design.

What about the 21 bathroom designs above? You can see it until you really find the best for you. Hope this helps you to do your bathroom remodel.