21 Cute Animal in the World [ With Pictures ]

Are you looking for your next unique pet? In the list of cute animal in the world below, you can find some pet ideas. They could be perfect as your companionship!

The following is the list of 21 animals that we think are the cutest wherever they are. We have provided pictures as well. Now, you can smile out of the overloading cuteness!

List of Cute Animal in the World

1. Red Panda

List of Cute Animal in the World
Sourch Image: Pixabay.com

Panda is undoubtedly cute, but there is another version of panda that is even cuter. Red panda is the answer! Red panda is the smaller version of normal panda and has a different color.

The fluffy white ears and bushy tail makes it even more adorable. The ears make them look kind of like fox. To keep themselves warm, red panda would wrap around its bushy tail around the body.

2. British Short Hair


British Short Hair
Sourch Image: Pixabay.com

The combination of grey and blue fur owned by a British shorthair has attracted tons of cat lovers as well as pet owners. The fluffiness of the short hair makes a fancy and expensive cat. On top of that, the color of their eyes are either green, gold, blue and bi-color. The eyes contrast with the grey hair color and make them look mesmerizing.

However, contrary to popular belief, British shorthair can actually have another color for their hair. You can also find ones in other colors, such as silver, gold, white, black and even red. British shorthair is considered quite expensive to have.

3. Fennec Fox


Fennec Fox
Sourch Image: Pixabay.com

Have you ever wished to own fox as pet? Fennec fox is the answer to that. While fennec fox is indeed a wild animal, it can also be a good pet. This is because fennec fox is a social animal and can act well in a proper environment.

The distinctive characteristic of fennec fox, the smallest fox in the world, is its large ears. What makes people love fennec fox as pet is because its behavior resembles dog a lot. However, do remember that fennec fox is not domesticated. So, if you decide to keep them as pet, be careful about how to socialize them with the environment surroundings.

4. Rabbit

Rabbit Cute Animal
Sourch Image: Pixabay.com


Let’s go basic here with rabbit. Who wouldn’t agree that rabbit is on the list of cute animal in the world? This herbivore is one of the most favorite pets in the world.

Rabbit is a social animal and love being around its friends. It would get stressed or even depressed if it has to live alone. When returned to the social group, it would be happy! Check out what do rabbits eat here.

5. Caracal Cat


aracal Cat Cute Animal
Sourch Image: i.redd.it

Another anti-mainstream animal that can be kept as pet, caracal cat. Caracal cat is a wild cat and is known for its long ears and legs. It has sandy or reddish color for its fur. The markings on the face is unique to its own.

Caracal cat is an agile animal that can jump up to 3 meters and run 80 kilometers per hour. With this speed, caracal cat can outrun ostriches! The attitude of caracal cat is still similar to other cats. So, you shouldn’t worry much if you want to keep this cute animal in the world.

6. Pygmy Owl


Pygmy Owl Cute Animal
Sourch Image: Pixabay.com

Next on the list is pygmy owl. Owls are popular as they have been made famous by the book and movie Harry Potter. Out of the other owls, the cutest one would be pygmy owl!

This owl is one of the cute animal in the world because of its small body that measures to only 15 centimeters tall. The color of its body is usually dark brown and white. Its smooth rounded head just makes their cute level increase even more!

7. Hedgehog


Hedgehog Cute Animal
Sourch Image: Pixabay.com

If you would like to have small, quiet and low maintenance pet, hedgehog would be a perfect choice. It is active and entertaining to have as pet! You don’t even have to buy a pair to make it happy. Hedgehog doesn’t like to be kept with other hedgehogs.

This adorable animal is great to have if you are busy with a 9 to 5 job. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to properly take care of them. Hedgehog needs to be fed right. On top of that, hedgehog should be given a lot of opportunities to exercise. It is easy for them to get overweight.

8. Chinchilla


Chinchilla Cute Animal
Sourch Image: cdn.pixabay.com

Chinchilla is a rodent, but a cute one. It kind of looks like a combination of rabbit and hamster. What makes chinchilla special is its exotic fur that is often used for coats.

Chinchilla originated from the United States. It can live up to 20 years and is popular as pet. In fact, there are tons of videos of chinchilla that people enjoy watching because of its cuteness!

9. Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguin Cute Animal
Sourch Image: cdn.pixabay.com


The next on the list is the largest penguin in the world, emperor penguin. Not only are they cute, they can dive deep into the ocean for up to 550 meters! On top of that, they can remain in the water for 20 minutes.

They love to be with the gang and form a circle, while the young members are in the middle. This is done to encounter the coldness of harsh Antarctic winds. Imagine how adorable the whole group would be!

10. Koala


Koala Cute Animal
Sourch Image: cdn.pixabay.com

Koala is often referred to as koala bear. However, it is not actually a bear. This animal that comes from Australia is too adorable that a lot of people want it as pet.

That is not possible because it would be illegal to possess koala personally. On top of that, koala has long and sharp teeth as well as claws. This could be dangerous if it feels threatened by human.

11. Persian Cat

Persian Cat Cute Animal
Sourch Image: 66.media.tumblr.com


Persian cat has been bred to meet different preferred characteristics of pet owners, It is also one of the most popular cats in the world. If you like a loving lap-cat, Persian cat is the perfect pet for you.

Another reasons why this cute animal in the world is lovely is because of its calmness. Persian cat is easy to be introduced to new people. So, anyone can enjoy its plush coat upon first meeting!

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12. Pomeranian Dog


Pomeranian Dog Cute Animal
Sourch Image: Pinterest.com

Pomeranian dog is a dog breed that is a cute animal in the world with proper haircut. There are a lot of haircuts that are perfect for this dog. Plus, Pomeranian dog looks like a tiny toy dog!

The fur of Pomeranian dog is long and straight, which makes them easy to have a haircut. It is also active and likes to play around. Don’t let the size fool you, Pomeranian dog is very intelligent!

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13. Arctic Fox


Arctic Fox Cute Animal
Sourch Image: Pinterest.com

Arctic fox is also known as polar fox. This is because the hair color of arctic fox is similar to polar bear. The color is white and snowy, just like other animals that live in the cold weather.

Don’t be fooled by its cuteness. Arctic fox is a tough animal that could live up to 50 degrees Celsius during the winter! It would dig up a hole in the snow to survive during that time.

14. Siberian Flying Squirrel


Siberian Flying Squirrel Cute Animal
Sourch Image: live.staticflickr.com

Siberian flying squirrel or Russian flying squirrel is too cute to be true. The mammal owns a pair of black, round eyes that are super adorable. The fluffy little animal is popular and its photos are too precious!

15. Gundi


Gundi Cute Animal
Sourch Image: media.pixcove.com

Another rodent on the list! With its fat body and soft fur, this comb rat gets into the list of cute animal in the world. However, it’s not usually sought to be kept as pet. Some people hunt them for food instead.

16. Bongo


Bongo Cute Animal
Sourch Image: images.unsplash.com

Back to a bigger animal, Bongo, a species of antelope, has an attractive characteristic as well. The coat color is chestnut with contrasting stripes. The male Bongo has long horns that can be as high as 90 meters.

17. Axolotl

Axolotl Cute Animal
Sourch Image: lh3.googleusercontent.com

This creature that looks like a fish is not actually a fish. Axolotl is considered an amphibian and can be found in Mexico City. It can also be kept as display pet.

18. Pika


Pika Cute Animal
Sourch Image: lh3.googleusercontent.com

You wouldn’t think that there is an animal that has the name Pika, would you? This small mammal looks like a rabbit with round ears. They like to be in group.

19. Serval


Serval Picture Animal Pet
Sourch Image: riverviewparkandzoo.ca

Serval is a cat with small head, long legs, golden coat with some black spots and stripes. It is also popular as pet, but you need to remember that it is a wild animal. That makes this cute animal in the world harder to keep as pet.

20. Japanese Raccoon Dog


Harris's Antelope Squirrels Cute Animal
Sourch Image: i.imgur.com

Is it raccoon or is it a dog? Well, this animal actually belongs to Canidae, which is the same as wolves and foxes. Japanese raccoon dog is a social dog and hibernates together in winter.

21. Harris’s Antelope Squirrels


Harris's Antelope Squirrels Cute Animal
Sourch Image: sciencesource.com

The last animal on the list of cute animal in the world is another rodent. The squirrel has white line on its side. They live in desert habitat where there is cactus.


Some of the animals above are also dangerous no matter how cute they are. No matter what, these animals are very interesting to be looked at. They would be the ones that lure the crows the most.

Well, most people would think that cute animal in the world are cats and dogs. But, there are actually more cute animals there are. So, have you found the one you like the most?