The Habitat of Great White Shark

The great white shark is feared in the ocean by human. This is due to movies picturing them as a ferocious animal. Let’s look at the habitat of great white shark and how the animal has been widely misunderstood.

People think that shark attacks are targeted mainly to human, especially in the beach as what movies usually show. However, this isn’t true at all. The great white shark is called that way because of its impressive hunting skill.

They definitely can kill human, but they are not meant to hunt us. The preys that they are looking for are mostly sea lion or seal. So, where can the great white shark be found?

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The Habitat of Great White Shark

Where to Find It

The Habitat of Great White Shark


The most dangerous animal in the ocean is the great white shark. The great white shark is even considered as the king of any kind of sharks. So, where exactly are they looking for blood? Is there a certain place of the habitat of great white shark?

The expert hunter can be found in the coastal areas all over the world. This means all oceans possibly have great white sharks in them, just the matter of where exactly they are. Other than living in the coastal areas, they can also be found in the deep ocean.

They can go up to 1000 meters in depth. However, the great white shark prefers to be in shallow water as they like the temperature better. The temperature that the great white shark is comfortable with is 15 to 24 degrees Celsius.

What to Do Near the Great White Shark

the great white shark size


Now that we have known where the great white sharks can be found, let’s see why shark attacks to human might happen. Fish has a behavior that is called test biting. If fish sees something new, they will perform a test bite to see if it can be a source of food.

The test bites are not fatal. After the shark bites a human, they will retreat. However, the blood loss from the test bite is what makes it fatal.

If you are ever in a situation where you stumble upon the habitat of great white shark, the best thing you can do is to not panic. If you are panicking, the splashes of water will attract and lure them to you. So, keep calm and act like you belong there.

The great white shark is a majestic animal that won’t harm you. Unless, they think you are a possible source of food. The other reason for the great white shark to bite you is because of your silhouette. They might mistake you with seal.

Seal and sea lion are full of fat, and that is the type of foods the great white shark is looking for. They also don’t share meals, so each great white shark would get one whole fish. If there is only one fish, then they would have a slapping contest.

The sharks will slap the surface of the ocean. The shark with the most slaps wins the food. You can look at this phenomenon if you ever come to the habitat of great white shark. If you prefer to see animals that fly in the sky, check out the information about the habitat of bald eagle too.