Where Exactly is the Habitat of Wolf ?

The sound of a wolf in the middle of a forest at midnight has been shown plenty of times in movies. This might make it seem like the habitat of wolf is only there. The fact is, however, that wolves are animals with great survival skill when it comes to expanding their habitat.

Even though they are considered endangered animals as of now, they have been identified in a lot of places that we think they are unable to live in. The natural habitat of wolves is in the remote wilderness. They can be found in North America, North Africa, Europe and Asia.

Wolves can be found in cold regions, but they can also live in areas with temperature up to 48 degrees Celsius. This is how they are able to roam around anywhere they want in the habitat of wolf and still manage to survive.

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Habitat of Wolf

1. Diet and Hunting Habit

Where Exactly is the Habitat of Wolf
Sourch Image: Pixabay.com


Did you know that wolves can eat up to 9 kg in one meal? That means this carnivore hunts everything they can find in the wild.

Wolves like to travel and hunt in groups, preying on large animals such as goats, moose, deer and sheep. The alpha male is the leader of the wolves, and the other members of the pack are female and the young.

Normally, one pack of wolves consist of 10 wolves. They would then find any animals that are weak or sick, then kill them together to enjoy their meals.

On top of that, if they think the meals are not enough, they won’t let their carnivore sides to rule them; they will eat berries too.

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2. Nocturnal and Travel Far Away

Where Exactly is the Habitat of Wolf
Sourch Image: Pixabay.com


The pack of wolves likes to hunt at night and rest at daylight. They like to roam around and prefer to not stay in one place in the habitat of wolf. In fact, in a day, they could travel for up to 20 kilometers.

Even though they form a group on their own, wolves still interact with the other packs. If they find their friends in the wild that belong to other packs, they still howl at each other. Other than that, their form of communication uses scent, which is marked with their urine or feces.

They notice their friends because before wolves turn three years old, they would still live in the pack. The pups are taken care of by the adult wolves until they are six months.

Then, they would start hunting with the packs. Once they turn two years old, they are considered an adult. They could leave the pack by choice if they have reached the age of three.

The habitat of wolf is interesting to look at, just like the habitat of great white shark. Wolves are animals that like to be in the forest, but they share the similar behaviors with dogs. Along the fact that they have friends and socialize, wolves love to play and chew bones. However, because humans think that wolves are dangerous and hunt the same livestock, wolves are often killed and is currently in the status of endangered.