22 Best Living Room Color Ideas for Brown Furniture

It’s time to space up your living room! If you feel like your living room color is a bit dull, look for some living room color ideas here and splash some unexpected color combos to make it look more interesting! Living room is the go-to spot that you and your guests spend the most time in, so it has to be interesting yet relaxing at the same time.

The living room needs to be a place where you can feel comfortable, yet shows a personality of the person inside. It will be a place where you will create a lot of memories, so you should make it as beautiful as possible.

The choice of color should be watched. Colors can affect the psychology of the people inside, so do take a great consideration when choosing a specific color.

In this article, we will cover some living room color ideas and how it interacts with the psychology of people inside. Whatever you style is, the gorgeous colors below will hopefully inspire you to have a living room that is comfortable so people can really enjoy spending a long time in there to relax and chat.

living room color ideas

1. Grey

22 Best Living Room Color Ideas for Brown Furniture
Sourch image: inowfun.com

If you feel like your living room is too small, using the color grey is a solution to that. This color makes the space feel more spacious.

In addition to that, it adds an elegant, modern sense. The best part about using grey as your main color is you can add pop of color here and there by putting some conversational pieces.

2. Nice Grey

Grey Living Room Color Ideas
Sourch Image: homeje.com

Grey is a nice color to choose as your backdrop. This design, compared to the previous one, uses a darker shade of grey.

It creates a sense of artistry as it is neutral and could go with any other color you want. Overall, it creates a sophisticated look that is perfect for a modern living room.

3. Green

Green living room color ideas
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Green is the color of nature. If you put the color into your interior design, it somehow reminds you of the natural world outside.

If you choose this bright green color as the main wall color, there is no need to buy any house plant anymore.

4. Amazing Green

Green Living Room Color Modern
Sourch Image: ideas4homes.com

Using a bright green like this is a great change if you love bright colors more than neutral ones that might be boring to you.

In the design above, the green is balanced with grey. There are no other bright colors used. Instead, the furniture and floor is all neutral colored.

5. Yelow

Modern yelow living room color ideas
Sourch Image: nugadesigns.com

Feels like choosing a bolder color? Yellow is an option for bright color. The design above uses a yellow color that has been toned down a bit.

Again, you should balance the bright color with neutral furniture. In this case, they use grey as the neutralizer.

6. Cool Yelow

Yelow Living Room Color Modern
Sourch Image: pinturasunidas.com

This yellow color is more vibrant, with a touch of bright green furniture in it. Having two different bright colors create a great pair.

Another color combo for living room color ideas that you can choose is vibrant yellow and blue, creating an electric feel. Remember to balance it out with neutral tones, such as grey, brown, white or even black.

7. Blue Sky

Modern Blue Living Room Color Ideas
Sourch Image: jasaarsitekjogja.com

Blue and white is a classic combination that anyone likes. The color blue creates a calming sensation, and when combined with white, the overall design becomes stylish. Overall, it seems clean and simple.

8. Blue

Blue Living Room
Sourch Image: aprar.net

Darker shade of blue still gives a calming sensation, but bold at the same time. It creates an elegance yet simplistic look. Combined with white, the living room color ideas feels like a statement from the home owner.

9. Orange

Orange Modern Living Room Color Ideas
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Orange is a color that has warm tone, so if you decide on using orange, you are putting warmth into the living room. Balancing the bright orange with wood materials, the living room feels even more cozy and homey.

10. Classic Orange

Living room color ideas
Sourch Image: besthqwallpapers.com

The other living room color ideas that use orange as its main color. This design, however, doesn’t use bright orange as the wall. Instead, the furniture uses a brighter shade to create a modern and playful look.

11. Red

Modern Red Living Room Color Ideas
Sourch Image: static.schoener-wohnen.de

Maroon gives a feeling like it is autumn, so you will feel warm in this kind of living room. The maroon color is balanced with neutral colors.

12. Cool Red

Red Living Room Color
Sourch Image: pildid.org

A brighter red can also be an option for your living room color ideas. Combined with white and grey, it is still safe to use some other colorful pillows as an addition to the room without being overwhelming.

13. White

Modern Living Room Color With
Sourch Image: i1.wp.com

Light color makes a room look brighter and bigger, so why not use white for the entire room? It makes the whole living room feel spacious. Use a natural light for this and your living room will feel incredibly cozy.

14. Nice White

White Living Room Ideas
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White is a popular choice as it is timeless. It can never be outdated like other colors that might seem great and trending now, but won’t look good in the future.

Neutral color is a way to go if you want your living room’s sophistication to last.

15. Brown

Living Room Color Ideas Brown
Sourch Image: laperla-london.com

Brown is another color for nature. You can simply design the overall living room design with several shades of brown.

16. Contemporary Brown

Brown Living Room Color Ideas
Sourch Image: turinsportscars.com

Brown has an earth tone that is energetic, so while the color is neutral, it gives a huge amount of energy to the people inside. It makes the living room feel light and spacious, not too busy.

17. Black

Modern Living Room Color Black
Sourch Image: noithatrenzo.com

Black is one of the greatest color, and when used in living room, it creates a dramatic effect. The color black gives the furniture a chance to pop and get the attention.

18. White and Black

Black Living Room Color Ideas
Sourch Image: viahouse.com

Black gives a strong statement to your overall living room. This living room color ideas above use black and white with some dark brown for its furniture.

19. Pink

Pink living Room Color Ideas
Sourch Image: lamora.me

Pink is a bold color and a favorite to a lot of people, so it’s not surprising that some people want the living room to be pink. The color is playful and bright, and can be mixed and matched with other colors.

20. Pink and Black

Pink Living Room Color
Sourch Image: i.pinimg.com

Use this bright pink color for a fun look and balance it with white and grey, just like the picture above. It makes the whole room feels more energetic.

21. Purple

Purple Living Room Color Ideas
Sourch Image: viendoraglass.com

Dark purple can also be used against white and grey. The color purple itself gives a mysterious look that make people wonder about the house.

22. Purple and White

Purple Living Room Color
Sourch Image: thorgudmund.com

Another way on how to balance purple and white. The use of several shades of purple are shown in the picture above.

Those are 22 living room color ideas that hopefully will inspire you. Interior design is very important and choice of color will affect the overall mood and feelings of the people inside.

So, choose your color wisely so that it can feel relaxing even when you look at it every day. You are free to choose a bold and bright color. Or, if you like a neutral color, stick with white, black, brown or beige.

Whatever color you want, we have shown you every color idea that you could take into consideration. If you have a small room, you can also play with the color to make it look bigger.

The power of color is amazing, where you can make your living room ore spacious than they are by just using the right color combo.