6 Top Sneaker Brands All Trendsetters Should Know

Sneakers will always be in fashion. If you’re looking to expand your tennis shoe collection, read on for the top sneaker brands on the market today.

Top Sneaker Brands All Trendsetters Should Know

Over a quarter of the shoes owned by Americans are too uncomfortable to wear! 

This is one of the best arguments for buying good quality sneakers! They’re comfortable and they will always be in fashion.

Are you planning on expanding your shoe collection? Check out these top sneaker brands!

1. Nike is a Trendsetter’s Choice

Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t own a pair of Nike sneakers nowadays? You can’t dispute, these sneakers are some of the most recognizable around. 

Nike creates shoes that are perfect for running, jumping, or simply showing off! If you’re a trendsetter, it’s very likely that you already own a pair of Nike trainers.

2. Have You Worn Givenchy Sneakers?

Perhaps Nike is too mainstream for you. Did you know that big fashion brands such as Givenchy also make sneakers?

Givenchy’s classic men’s sneakers are stylish and anything but boring. Do you want a shoe that is trendy and comfortable? Then these are right for you.

You’ll have all of your friends asking where you got them from! Better yet, these designs are absolutely timeless so you can wear them for years to come.

3. Adidas Tackles the 3D Printing Industry

If you’re a lover of engineering, science, and tech, then Adidas is the brand for you! This German company has teamed up with Silicon Valley to bring you some sweet kicks.

Perhaps the most exciting shoes created by this brand are its 3D printed ones! The company worked with Stella McCartney to create some super futuristic shoes.

Now all you need to do is decide on what to wear with them so that you truly stand out! 

4. Every Fashion Icon Owns Balenciaga

If you fancy yourself as a trendsetter, then you’ll definitely already have heard of Balenciaga. 

This brand is bringing the strangest looking shoes to the catwalk and fashionistas are loving them! 

Whether you love the designs or absolutely hate them, you can’t deny that this brand is making a big impact on sneaker trends.

5. Stay Classic with Converse

This brand is very well known! Whether you prefer high-top or low-top Converse, it’s likely you’ve donned a pair of these shoes at least once in your life! 

They’re both comfortable and certainly provide a cool aesthetic. Originally created to be shoes for athletes, more and more young people wear them as everyday kicks.

6. Stay Natural with VIVOBAREFOOT

Are you someone who kicks off their shoes as soon as they walk through the front door? Do your feet feel trapped while wearing tight shoes?

Then, VIVOBAREFOOT is the brand for you! You’ll find that all of their sneakers feel like you’re not wearing shoes at all. 

There are many health benefits to walking barefoot. But, the biggest benefit of all is that these shoes are comfortable as soon as you slip them on! 

Better yet, this brand provides shoes that are both sustainable and vegan. Perfect for eco-conscious consumers!

Invest in the Top Sneaker Brands

When it comes to buying new shoes, it’s so easy to choose cheap models which you never wear. 

This can amount to a lot of wasted money. Instead, why not buy a pair of kicks from these top sneaker brands?

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