Animal that Starts with N [Pictures + Description]

The name of animal that starts with N can be hard to find. There are not a lot of common animals whose name begin with the word N. However, we have provided a list of that to ease you out.

Knowing various animal names are beneficial for your general knowledge. In addition to that, you are going to ace any animal alphabet game you encounter. When the letter N comes out, there goes your chance to shine!

There are animals that live in the land, air or sea. Scroll down below to find out about what these unique animals are. On top of that, we have some facts about these animals as well as pictures for you to understand them better! The list is great for both kids and adults who are in need of these information.

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List of Animal that Starts with N

1. Nightingale

Animal that starts with N

The first name on the list of animal that starts with N is nightingale. You might be familiar with this name as it is often mentioned in poets.

This small bird has beautiful singing abilities that makes it famous. However, most of the population of nightingales are gone due to climate change.

2. Nurse Shark

Animal that starts with N
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Did you know that shark is also hunted for its skin? Nurse shark is the species that is sought for its high-quality leather.

Yet to be endangered, the population of nurse sharks is declining. Nurse shark is nocturnal and likes to be in group of around 40 sharks.

3. Numbat

List of Animal that starts with NList of Animal that starts with N
Sourch Image:

This marsupial animal is originated in Western Australia. What makes this animal different is the lack of pouch on its belly.

The color of its body is reddish brown with black and white strips. The size of a numbat is around 40 centimeters long. Numbat is currently an endangered species and its population is threatened.

4. Newt

Animal that starts with N Pictures
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The next on the list is a semi-aquatic salamander called newt. This means that newt can spend a long time in the water, but only part of their time.

This is because newt has well developed=lungs and can retain gills. The habitat of newt is in the Northern Hemisphere where they are actively live in.

5. Nighthawk

Nighthawk animals
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What makes this bird different from other bird is it can fly just like bat would. This means that it changes its flying direction very frequently.

Nighthawk would travel together in a group and can go for thousands of miles. However, you might find it hard to spot flocks of nighthawks as they are nocturnal. Their hooked bills are used eat flying insect.

6. Narwhal

Narwhal Animals
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Don’t these fish look like unicorn? Narwhal is a type of whale that has a long tooth that resembles a unicorn, making them known as the unicorn of the sea.

The tooth is called tusk and can grow up to 270 cm. This tusk only develops in males, but there are some exceptions now and then. This fish is very mysterious, so there are probably not a lot of information yet about it.

7. Nursery Fish

Nursery FishNursery Fish Animals
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Nursery fish likes to be in deeper part of the ocean, like in the lower ends of rivers and mangroves. It prefers to be in fresh and coastal area of marine waters. This animal that starts with N can be found in India, northern Australia, New Guinea and Southeast Asia.

8. Noctule

Noctule Animal that start with N
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Noctule is a bat that is common in Asia and is far from the under conservation status. The name comes from the word nocturnal.

All types of bats are nocturnal or active at night, so there’s not a lot of difference in this species. Noctule is the largest bat in United Kingdom. It can be distinguished as the fur in its body is golden and the face and wings are dark.

9. Nunlet

Nunlet Animal that start with N
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Another bird on the list of animal that starts with N is nunlet, which is a rare species of puffbird. The population is decreasing but the conservation status has not reach dangerous level.

You can tell if a bird is a nunlet by looking at its gray cheek and neck, while the other parts of the body is chestnut colored.

10. Natterjack

Natterjack Animal that start with N
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Here is something other than fish and bird on the list: a toad! Natterjack is originated from Europe and has unique mating calls. It looks like normal toad, but you can tell the difference from the yellow line in the back middle of its body.

To breed successfully, natterjack needs to be in warmer water. However, they are slow on water yet quick on land. If common toads hop a lot, natterjack prefers to run.

11. Needle Fish

Needle Fish Animal That Start With N
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Both of the name and its physical appearance is scary. This fish is called needle fish as it has sharp teeth that looks like a bunch of needles.

Be careful with this fish as it can jump across boats with the speed of 60 kilometers per hour. Yes, it has caused death before, but it’s quite unusual. Needle fish can be found in the Atlantic.

12. Nematode

Nematode Animal That Start with N
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The next animal that starts with N might be small in size, but it actually consists of numerous amount of different species of animals. These parasites might even be living inside you!

13. Nalolo

Nalolo Animal that start with N
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This tiny fish called nalolo likes to spend its time close to coral reefs. Nalolo would stick the bottom of its body to the corals and walk with its fins. The size is only about 6 cm long. What makes this fish unique is its comb-like teeth for consuming algae and weeds.

14. Napu

Napu Animal That Start with N
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Is it a small deer that looks like a mouse? Or is it a mouse that looks like a deer? Napu is a mouse-deer that is as big as a rabbit.

Having been exist for millions of years, there is hardly any change in this animal. As a result, napu is often called a living fossil because of that. Napu can be found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indochina, and the Malayan Peninsula.

15. Nandu

Nandu Animal
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The next on the list of animal that starts with N is a flightless bird. This large bird is called nandu and looks like a combination of emu and ostrich.

Originated from South American, this bird can be found in Brazil and Argentina. Even though nandu cannot fly, its wings are great for balancing and changing direction as it runs. Nandu also has a pair of strong legs that help it run even faster.

16. Naked Mole Rat

Naked Mole Rat
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The two long front teeth distinguishes a naked mole rat with the other rodents. What is interesting about this animal is that it can live up to 30 years! Most of the small rats can only live for a few years.

On top of that, naked mole rat is actually blind. This type of rat lives in the underground where it consumes plant roots.

The underground environment makes the visibility of its eyes terrible, although they have a great sense of smell in return.

17. New Guinea Singing Dog

New Guinea Singing Dog
Sourch Image:

The next on the list of animal that starts with N is the New Guinea singing dog. Looking like an ordinary dog, the New Guinea singing dog is a great hunter with excellent agility.

They can climb and jump just like cats. They are called singing dog because their voice is similar to the sound of a wolf. Once one of them begins howling, the other singing dog will jump in and harmonize at different pitches.

18. Nabarlek

Nabarlek Animal that start with N
Sourch Image:

Nabarlek is also known as little rock wallaby, which is a small marsupial that can be found in Australia. Even though this kangaroo is small in size, it still has powerful legs for hopping and jumping.

The tails are also used for balancing, just like the big kangaroo. The feet are great to grip onto rocks as nabarlek prefers to live in rocky hollows. This shy animal has silky soft fur that covers its body.

19. Nautilus

Nautilus Animal That Start with N
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The deep ocean has a lot of beautiful fish, and one of them is nautilus. Nautilus is a mollusk that has a shell that acts like a chamber.

Think of it as a tank for them to protect its soft body inside. To swim, it uses jet propulsion where seawater is pumped and expelled through the shell.

20. Nightjar

Nightjar Animal
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Another bird on the list of animal that starts with N. As you can guess from its name, the bird likes to be active at night. The nocturnal bird is also a silent flyer.

The color of the feather is perfect for camouflaging as well, so it’s perfect even if it wants to wander around in daytime. However, they would make loud calls at night in order to mate.


From different types of fish, bird and mammals, there are actually a lot of animal that starts with N. These animals are not common enough yet some of them provide interesting facts! If some of the animals look kind of scary to you, check out this list of cute animal in the world.

Animal that starts with N might be quite hard to find, but the list above should give you tons of ideas! Whether you need the information for fun or for educative purpose, they will hopefully serve you well. Ace those games and classes with the fun facts above!