Can a Dog Eat Raw Chicken and Chicken Bones ? Fact of Dog

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world. However, some owners are still wondering about a question: can a dog eat raw chicken and chicken bones? In this article, we will discuss about this matter, including what to do if your dog already ate raw chicken.

The short answer is: yes, dog can eat raw chicken, but not all the time. If you are panicking about your dog eating partially cooked or raw chicken, you can stop for a while. Read on to find out what to do with your dog.

Dogs do have hardier stomachs if compared to human. But, this doesn’t mean that you can feed them everything. Preparation is still the key to give your dog a healthy food. Therefore, here are some information that can be useful for you and your dog.

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Can a Dog Eat Raw Chicken?

Can a Dog Eat Raw Chicken

What happens if a dog eat raw chicken?

Nothing happens if a dog eat raw chicken. Indeed, the stronger stomach is making them easy to battle with the bacteria and other stuffs from the raw chicken. The bugs that would cause human to be sick won’t affect dogs either. This is because the digestive tracts of dogs are shorter than humans.

But, what is important to note here is that not all types of dog eat raw chicken. Most of the smaller dogs are even allergic to poultry. If you suddenly introduce raw chicken to a dog’s diet, they may likely to fall sick either.

Therefore, if you really want to feed them raw chicken, you should consult with your vet. Any change in diet for your dog should be consulted. This needs to be done to avoid future sickness to your dog.

What if your dog has eaten raw chicken?

What if your dog has eaten raw chicken

In the case that this happened not under your supervision, you might be confused on what to do. Perhaps you found your dog suddenly munching raw chicken. First thing to do is to find out the source of that raw chicken.

If the raw chicken was brought from the supermarket and prepared especially for cooking, it’s probably fine. But, if you bought it unwashed from fresh market, be careful. Do take it away and watch your dog’s health for the next couple of days.

For smaller dogs, look if they have trouble in ingestion of bones. Watch their poop to see if there are internal bleeding. If any symptoms of distress shown, do take your dogs to the vet immediately.

Should your dog eat raw chicken?

Should your dog eat raw chicken

If we are asking can a dog eat raw chicken, we should also ask if they should eat raw chicken. For several types of dogs, you can actually choose this diet. Big dogs are usually modern descendants of wild dogs and wolves. Therefore, chicken meat is probably preferred by them by nature.

The question is, is eating raw chicken good for dogs? The answer is yes. But, this needs to be done with precautions. There are several parts of chicken: skin, liver, feet, neck, bones and so on. Be careful in feeding your dogs neck as the bones may choke your dogs.

On the other note, cooked chicken is also not good for this matter as well. Cooked chicken bones would splinter easily. This can hurt your dog’s throat and end up irritating their stomachs.

Can healthy dog eat raw chicken?

Can healthy dog eat raw chicken

Healthy dogs can eat raw chicken just fine. This answer to can a dog eat raw chicken is because the digestive system of dogs are able to process raw meat. However, you have to be careful if your dog has weak immune system.

Also, be careful if raw meat is not part of your dogs’ usual diet. After your dogs eat raw meat, you should always keep an eye on the feces. Once again, if you notice that there is vomit or diarrhoea, do take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

Whether it is safe for dogs consume raw meat is still debatable until now. For now, all you can do is to keep them balanced. If your dog eats a large amount of raw chicken, you need to be careful as well. The development of gastrointestinal issues in dogs are still very possible to happen.

Is chicken bone safe for dogs?

Is chicken bone safe for dogs

Chicken bones are not safe for dogs. Cooked bones may mess up your dog’s digestive system. Even bones that are raw can potentially fracture your dogs’ teeth.

The bones, raw and cooked, can damage your dogs’ throat, stomach as well as intestines. Giving chicken bones to your dogs is simply risky. This is especially if the dogs are very young or very old, as well as having suppressed immune.

Actually, if we look at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, all pet foods as well as treats need to be carefully handled. If you give raw meat to your dog, this means that it’s not properly handled. It would be easier to opt for processed foods that have been counted nutrition-wise.

Why can a dog eat raw chicken?

Why can a dog eat raw chicken

Other than bones, what makes raw chicken dangerous is the bacteria, such as salmonella and e. coli. These bacteria are dangerous for human, but not for dog. This is because dog has never cooked their own meat, so they develop the ability to digest raw food.

Dogs have acid in their stomach that could handle the bacteria in raw chicken. Moreover, the gastrointestinal tract of dogs are much shorter than human’s. This means there are less time for the bacteria to be inside.

On top of that, dogs that are raised for athletic purpose have been fed raw food diets. This is done to mimic the dogs diet in the wilderness. But, is it actually healthy and not dangerous?

Can dogs get salmonella?

Can dogs get salmonella

Salmonella is the common concern when it comes to consuming raw foods. While it is not likely, it is still possible that this could happen. But, the percentage is way lower than human.

Dogs that have weak immune system are prone to get salmonella. If you think that your dogs might have it, take your dog for a treatment to the doctor. Antibiotics may be given and your dogs should stay hydrated.

If the case gets worst, the dog should be hospitalized. This is because the hydration will be taken care of via IV fluid therapy. Most of these cases end up with recovery.

What are the alternatives to raw chicken?

What are the alternatives to raw chicken

Some owners might think that giving processed foods is not a healthy balance for the dogs. Dog foods that are sold on the supermarket are packed with nutrients your dogs need. If you want to incorporate processed with raw food, broth is a great alternative.

You can also combine both raw meat and processed foods. However, do choose the highest quality of dog food to purchase. Don’t forget to do trial feeding beforehand to ensure your dogs stay healthy. Also remember that raw foods are not to be kept more than 24 to 48 hours.

Other substitutes for raw chicken are fish. Feeding your dogs fish is not necessary, but it is a nice treat for them. Do remember whenever you are giving your dogs treats, watch their weight. The fish can be cooked, steamed, or grilled. Even plain fish is also fine for your dog, as long as you consult with your vet first for additional diet.

Consult everything to your vet

Consult everything to your vet

Changing the diet of your dogs is a big deal. You shouldn’t just keep shoving new foods to their mouth. Instead, give it in slowly and introduce them to the new foods.

The best first step you can take is to consult your vet whether can a dog eat raw chicken. Not only you can make sure if what you are doing is healthy to your dog, you can also ask if the diet provides enough balanced for your dog. In a way, you are also consulting about the nutrition that your dog is going to get.

Ingredients need to be researched upon feeding your dogs with them. Not only the ingredients, the source needs to be researched as well. If you are not careful, your dog may end up being not nutritionally balanced.

On top of that, if you are giving them raw foods, you don’t know the harmful bacteria that might be inside. The formulations for home-prepared diet are never precised. This is why you should ask your vet beforehand as diet is an important part of keeping your dogs healthy.

So, can a dog eat raw chicken?

So, can a dog eat raw chicken

Dogs definitely can eat raw chicken, but it all depends on the dogs themselves. The types and size of dogs matter. The immune system that the dogs own also matter.

Whether you want to give your dogs your own home food, you should always check it with your vet. While dogs are well adapted to raw meat, you should note that diet also needs to be balanced. Processed foods are clear when it comes to nutrition, therefore easier for you to keep track.

So, if you are creating your own home diet for your dogs, remember to keep it balanced. Unbalanced nutrition is potentially dangerous to your dogs. Those are the answers to the question: can a dog eat raw chicken?