The Evolution of the E-Bike: High Performance-Zero Emissions

EVs are being seen on the roads in many countries, while governments are doing what they can to convince the motorist that electric solutions are the answer; there are die-hard bikers who will never accept an electric motor to take the place of their engine, but even they are gradually coming over to e-bikes.

Lithium-Iron Batteries

This technology enables the e-bike manufacturer to power their state-of-the-art electric motors that transfer the power to the rear wheel. It is standard to get 200 miles from a full charge on a powerful mid-range e-bike that generates 110hp and riding range is always being extended, as new battery pack generations are born. The packs can easily be removed and recharged and with EV charging stations popping up everywhere, getting power is not an issue. Check out the latest Zero electric bikes from a leading UK big bike dealership and be prepared to be amazed.

Improved Aerodynamics

The ability to reposition the electric motor and battery packs results in a lower centre of gravity, not to mention the weight saving when you take the engine out of the equation. If you have yet to watch an e-bike race in MotoGP, this gives you a clear idea of the handling characteristics, plus they are smashing lap times, with Aprilia leading the charge.

Zero SR/S

The cutting edge of e-bike development, the Zero SR/S ticks all the boxes for a two-wheel enthusiast and when you deliver that raw power to the back wheel, you are not polluting the atmosphere. What’s not to like about this new breed of superbikes? The power unit delivers an impressive 110hp to take the machine to its 124mph speed limit with 140 ft-lb of torque and no gears to have to run through. It does take some getting used to when you sit astride an e-bike, but once you get accustomed to hearing only your tyres, that instant power is available at any speed. If you would like to book a test ride on the Zero SR/S, search with Google for a leading UK dealership and you can reserve a slot via their website. Whatever pre-conceptions you might have about e-bikes, a test ride will answer all your questions. Drool over the top luxury cars if you want to see how the elite get around.

MotoGP Tech

There is an e-bike class in MotoGP and that is very competitive; things they learn on the track are quickly applied to their production models, giving you a faster and safer ride. ABS is standard, while carbon fibre is finding its way into bike design, reducing the weight and improving road holding. Check out the many YouTube videos that review e-bikes and watching the start of an e-bike MotoGP race is eerily quiet, with no engine sounds!

Rapid Charging

There are add-ons that you can buy that reduce the time it takes to fully charge the battery packs up to 13kW. The UK government fully supports using EVs and they are dedicated to phasing out the internal combustion engine once and for all.

When all is said and done, EVs are taking over and as we say goodbye to fossil fuel, we welcome clean and renewable energy.