Facts About Nile River

Facts about Nile River – There are so many wonderful and amazing places and nature phenomenons in our earth. Our nature always provides what we need for life survivor such as food that comes from plants or animal. Natural shelter like caves or big tree, fresh air for our lungs and also eternal water supply from thousand miles of river.

Every part in our nature plays important roles in our live. In this article, we will not talk about mountain or caves, but we will talk about the great river, Nile River in 10 fun facts about Nile River.

This river known as the longest river in Africa that flow in eleven countries which are Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Republic of the Sudan, and Egypt.

Nile River is the major source of water for those countries especially Sudan and Egypt that build their civilization for centuries along this river.

Most people in Africa believes that Nile River is miracles for every human, animals and plantation in Africa. So, it is fun to know more about Nile River in some fun facts.

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Fun Facts About Nile River

#1 The Longest River In The World?

facts about Nile River
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As it is told earlier, Nile River flows in eleven countries at northern part in Africa continent, from Tanzania to Egypt. Nile River stream has about 6,650 km (4,130 mile) long and it is considered as the longest river in the world, until Brazillian government disputed and said that Amazon River is the longest river in the world that has about 7000 km stream flow.

So, it is means that Nile River is the second longest river in the world, but until now it is still in debate between geographical experts. Nice facts about Nile River right?

#2 Nile River Has Two Major Tributaries

Fun facts about Nile River

Another fun facts about Nile River is it has two major tributaries, which are The White Nile and The Blue Nile. The White Nile is considered as its headwaters and as primary stream of Nile River.

In the other hand, The Blue Nile is considered as the source of water and silt of Nile River. The White Nile rises at Great Lake region (central Africa) or Lake Victoria and The Blue Nile begins in Lake Tana in Ethiophia.

Those two rivers meets at north of the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. There also many bridges that were built across river stream to connect one are to another area.

#3 Nile River Ends At Mediterranean Sea

facts about Nile River
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The beginning of Nile River or the water source is believed from Lake Victoria, Jinja, Uganda then ends at Mediterranean Sea.

The Blue River and The White River meets at north Khartoum, capital of Sudan, then flow into Mediterranean Sea as its mouth.

So, it can be concluded that most of Nile River flow at the northeastern part of Africa. We could see the beautiful river flow in the middle of Khartoum city and the Sudan civilization around the Nile River.

#4 Nile River Gives Lives To Egyptian

facts about Nile River
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Another fun facts about Nile River is about its miracle thing. The Greek historian, named Herodotus wrote that “Egypt was the gift from Nile” because the first civilization of Egyptian or their ancestor cultivated and traded stable food like wheat and flax around Nile River.

Those activities was evolved over time and become great culture and civilization of Egypt. People of Egypt relies their life on Nile River water stream. They use the water to build some irrigation system around Nile River. Today, we can see Aswan High Dam, the huge dam to control river flow and irrigation system of Nile River.

#5 Nile River As A God For Egyptian

fun facts about Nile River
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Because of Nile River miracle that is given to Egyptian, they called Nile River as their God, God of annual floods. Ancient Egypt believe that Nile River and Pharaoh, both controls annual flood that makes their soil fertile and give them life for such a long time.

Before Aswan High Dam was built, in every August Nile River will flooded the land and brought so much silt and minerals to fertilize the soil.

In the ends, the people who live around Nile River use this soil to farm various plantations to survive and even trade the crop among them.

#6 Nile River As Causeway From Life To Death And Afterlife

facts about Nile River
Image: ancientegyptianfacts.com

Not only as A God, The facts about Nile River also considered as the causeway of life, death and afterlife. Ancient Egyptian believes that the east side of Nile is a place of birth and growth, instead the west side of Nile is a place of death and afterlife.

That is why all the tombs at Egypt always placed at the west side of Nile to symbolize the death and to guide spirit to afterlife realm.

Egyptian also believes that Ra (the God of Sun) that passed every day above the Nile River gives so many bless for Nile. Sometimes they held tribute ceremony for The Nile God, hoping that the Nile God continue to give His blessing to the river.

#7 Nile River As Main Water Source For Animal In Africa

facts about Nile River
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Other facts about Nile River are the river becomes the main water source for most living creatures around it including animals and plantation.

Various animals that live around Nile River such as Nile crocodile, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, monitor lizard depend their life to the river.

Crocodile Nile maybe the most effective killing machine in animal kingdom, they can hunt their prey in effective way, so the prey could not run even slightly.

Every day, the animals will come to the river to drink some water and also hunt for their meal. We also could find Nile freshwater fish like Nile perch and catfish that can reach a maximum length of 6 1/2 feet. Those giant fish becomes attraction for most fish expert from all over the world to conservation research.

#8 Nile River’s Vegetation

facts about Nile River
Sourch Image: en.wiktionary.org

Another interesting facts about Nile River is the river also gives lives to several vegetations that live along the river side and also watering most of the plantation near the river.

The Lotus Flower is a plant that grow in the Nile River, they float in the water but it will die in the winter because it cannot tolerate cold weather.

Other plant in the Nile River is Papyrus Reed that is lived in the river banks or in the mud (marsh) and could reach about 4-5 meters height.

Before paper was found, Egyptian used papyrus roll to record any notes to keep histories lives. That is why until now we can find papyrus roll record in many museums in Egpyt.

#9 Nile River As Transportation Route

facts about Nile River
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Nile River also used as water transportation route for thousand years, particularly for people who lived near this river. They use various boats to transport them to go to anywhere they needs.

They use boat to sell their goods along Nile River, visiting their family and relations or just make holiday trips. The facts about Nile River nowadays, Nile river cruise becomes the most popular tourism object in Africa, especially in Egypt.

Tourist from all over the world eager to see the beauty of Nile water and also enjoy the ancient heritage of Egypt such as Pyramid and amazing ancient constructions around Nile’s riverbanks.

#10 Nile River’s Pollution

facts about Nile River
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Along with civilization development and climate around Nile River, the river starts to receive pollution from human activities. This pollution including various waste, household trash, chemical waste from factory and other kind of pollution.

The conditions are getting worse every day along with growing population and global climate change that affect water ecosystem in general. It becomes sad and tragic facts about Nile River for today, it is our duty to preserve Nile River to preserve our live and every living thing around the river.

From those 10 fun facts about Nile River, we can conclude that Nile River is the miracle that God gives for our nature. This river gives the ecosystem lives for about thousand years and still counting until now. We cannot imagine if dry land in Africa does not have Nile River as it water source, maybe the African could not be survived until now. We have to keep the river flow and keep it clean from pollution, so it can continue gives miracle to the nature and gives lives to human, animal and vegetation around the river.