30 Best Home Office Designs for Your Inspiration [Cool, Classic, and Modern]

Working from home has been a trend nowadays. Whether you actually work straight from home, or like to bring your work home, having home office designs that are dedicated for work will help you balance between work and rest at home. Having a spot for working, instead of other places in your house, create a work-life balance that is proven to be important.

Moreover, having a work desk at your home will make you concentrate even more. There are a lot of benefits when having your own office space at home. One of the advantages of having a dedicated space is to have a place where you can store all of your work without disturbing the rest of your house.

If you don’t already have a home office, chances are you really need one as soon as possible. It is a great addition to your house and will provide you a lot of benefits. So, here we have some home office designs for you to get inspired from. Each of the designs has their own theme, providing a working space that is great for working from home.

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Home Office Designs

1. An Invigorating Home Office Setting

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Image via: Andrew Breja (assets.hongkiat.com)

Why not choose a fresh color to brighten up your day, every day? This office design uses yellow to create a pop of color so that you can feel inspired! The desk is facing directly outside of the window to create a bigger view point, so you can get more inspiration for work.

2. Hall Residence

Staggering home office jobs liverpool #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
Image via: homedsgn.com

Here is a luxurious home office design that uses wood as its main material. Working at this kind of office gives you a relaxing ambience. It is also perfect if you have a lot of meetings with clients. It kind of reminds you of a lawyer’s or detective’s office.

3. Renovated Farmhouse Office

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Image via: dwell.com

An office with farmhouse design is minimalist yet uses a bit of wood here and there to create a calming ambience. The overall design looks very simple, so you can focus instead on your work without having to look at overwhelming design.

4. Loft 24/7

Wonderful home office uk email #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
Image via: architizer.com

This design is wonderful as you have your own space with great surroundings. From trees to water, you can never be calmer while working from home. The addition of book shelves in the back complete the overall look.

5. Big Open Spaces

Eye-opening home office on a budget #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
Source: starrett-lehigh.com

Some people prefer to work in big spaces, so here is an eye-opening home office design. The use of windows also makes the space looks even bigger.

6. A Bachelor’s Home Office

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IMAGE: Julian Smith

This design reminds you of a bachelor, very simple and uses creativity to make it look great. As young people like to have music while working, there are two stereos there to make the working experience better. It also uses natural sunlight to shine the room.

7. Mazzali Living and Office Area

Astonishing home office nook ideas #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: Mazzali

This design makes your home looks like an office. The main color is grey to give a neutral look, but the colors are then put into the furniture. Use different colors on the shelves and chairs to make a fun and playful design look.

8. The Office of Floating Shelves

Brilliant home office requirements #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: Jeremy Levine

See a brilliant design for your home office above. Not only it looks good, there are a lot of spaces to store your things like books and awards. The design promotes functionality while looking great.

9. Table By The Stairs

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IMAGE: Jeremy Levine

Only have a little space above the stairs? No worries, your home office design could still look aesthetically pleasing just like in the picture above. The addition of bicycle and frame makes the design look effortless yet amazing.

10. Flexible Space with Recycled Wood Flooring

Spectacular home office kirkstall road leeds #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: Jeremy Levine

Wood is a great color for a work space. This design also uses shelves to create its own library, perfect for you who have books collection. You can easily access all your books with this design.

11. Cozy Interior

Marvelous home office tier 4 guidance #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: Alex Campbell Photography

A marvelous design that makes you feel cozy with the choice of neutral colors. The white wall makes the room look bright and wide.

12. Hackney Shed

Unbelievable home office 70 days #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: Office Sian Architecture

Some people enjoy working while having a nature ambience. So, if your backyard has a lot of trees, make use of it by building this office design.

13. The Den

Breathtaking home office organization pinterest #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: Callum Chapman

This design lets you build your home office while having a playroom in it. It’s perfect if you like to take a short break in between work.

14. A Designer’s Personal Space

Excited home office 365 support #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: Vadim Sherbakov

If you are a designer, this personal space is great and simple to install. You only need a small space and simply put some wood furniture.

15. The Attic Office Of A Photographer

Remarkable home office birmingham #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: Iigia Ribeiro

Have a space in the attic? Turn it into a home office. It’s a great place to seclude yourself from the world and be with your own thought. This might be the design that will inspire your work!

16. Modern Minimalist

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IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

Maximize your outdoor view with this minimalist design. The design makes the view to be the center of attention, so you don’t really need a lot of furniture that might block the view.

17. A Designer’s Idea Room

Unique home office right to work #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

A unique space for working that feels cozy and just makes you focus all the time. It creates a homey feeling that makes you feel less tired while working.

18. Blue and Silver Glam

Sensational home office zákoník práce 2018 #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

Turn your home office into a modern, classic look with navy blue. Use silver to glam it up and make it look even more luxurious.

19. A Cork Wall

Extraordinary home office hate crime #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

Like the texture of cork? Why not use it as wallpaper? The cork wall is perfect for a background and lets you stick some papers, from work reminders to pictures.

20. Modern Efficiency

Uplifting home office modern #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

Stick with modern and efficient look with this home office design. A modern look is favored by many nowadays as it provides a clean look.

21. Chalkboard Nook

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IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

Likes to write stuffs? Why not paint your wall chalkboard style, so you can just write anything there? This design lets you turn your wall into a functional board.

22. L-Shaped Desk

Unbeatable home office kitchen cabinets #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

If you need a huge space to work, this is the one. The desk is long enough for two to three people to work in there, maximizing the space that you have.

23. Grey Inspired

Striking home office of walmart #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

Sometimes you just got to choose a color to stick with. Take this photo as an inspiration. You can choose a color and make a color scheme out of it.

24. Room with a View

Wondrous home office youth violence #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

You might feel like your room is too small, yet you need a view for inspiration. Simply put your work table like this and you won’t feel like you have a small room anymore.

25. Chevron Pastels

Perfect home office 6 union street liverpool #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

Pastel colors give you a calming sensation. Instead of becoming a main color, pastel color lets itself be in the background yet provide a great psychology effect to the person in the room.

26. Colours of Fall

Epic home office deduction #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

Make your office have a warm sensation with the colors of autumn. Using reddish orange as the color of the furniture compliments the neutral colored wall.

27. Glass Perfection

Phenomenal home office knife crime #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

Use glass here and there to create a clean office look. This is widely used in an actual office, so this feels like you are bringing your office to home as well.

28. Recessed Wall Bookcase

Amazing home office yemen #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

Save some space with a book shelf that is built inside the wall. The addition of lamp in each of the boxes makes the simple design look a hundred times better.

29. Geometric Wall Pattern

Unforgettable home office no windows #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

Use only a color for simplicity, but make it look even better with geometric wall pattern. This is an easy addition to your simple home office.

30. The Lair

Glorious home office and branch accounting #homeoffice #office #design #homedecor #homework #work
IMAGE: renoguide.com.au

A unique design that doesn’t have any window in it is perfect for you who love the feeling of privacy. The design plays with wall instead of furniture to make it look great.

Those are 30 home office designs inspirations that you can try installing at home. Whether you are home business owners, or just like to work at home, having a special space to do that will motivate you and make you less tired. A good office space is proven to impact the growth of your business, as you are more motivated and everything works more effectively.

This affects your productivity and gives you a lot of energy to work. Design does play a big role in that, so having great home office designs is actually an investment for your work as well. No more having to work over at the kitchen table, or work from your living room. A dedicated space will make you feel more inspired to do your work.

So, are you ready to do a home office makeover? Do use the home office designs we have provided above! But, feel free to put in your own imagination and just be creative with it. The purpose of the design is also to inspire your work, isn’t it? Don’t worry to put in your ideas into work, because you know what motivates you the best!

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