How to Soften Brown Sugar That Has Hardened Quickly and Easy

How to Soften Brown Sugar – Halfway through making cookies, you take out the brown sugar, it’s difficult as a rock, and also no amount of palm squishing power will break that glob of sugar. Yet this bump in the cookie-making road doesn’t need to be irritating.

There are a number of ways to soften tough brown sugar. Some techniques are quick, while others take more time, yet all will certainly place your fresh baked cookie fantasizes back on course and also prevent any type of lost sugar.

Why does Brown Sugar Get Hard

Why does Brown Sugar Get Hard

Unlike routine granulated sugar, brown sugar is enhanced with molasses, which provides an unique flavor yet also gives brown sugar that unique damp high quality. It’s when the brown sugar sheds that wetness and also comes to be dried out that the sugar ends up being hard.

For that reason, to revive brown sugar, it refers returning the moisture to the sugar, which will certainly make it soft once more.

Recognizing this assists make the sometimes unusual techniques make a little much more feeling: primarily, they are all made to reintroduce dampness right into the combination. Below are a couple of different methods to soften brown sugar.

How to Soften Brown Sugar That Has Hardened Quickly

How to Soften Brown Sugar Quickly

Brown sugar hardens as its all-natural moisture vaporizes. Unless you save it effectively, what was a soft, fluffy package of brown sugar granules will certainly solidified right into a thick brown lump you can damage home windows with.

It’s still safe to consume, however there’s no other way you could measure it properly for a recipe until it’s soft and also rough once more.

How to soften brown sugar quickly? One of these 5 simple methods should work, depending on how rapid you need the fix.

1. Microwave with Water (Quickly Soften Brown Sugar)

How to Soften Brown Sugar Promptly? If you remain in a hurry and need the sugar today, this approach is the very best alternative.

Place the brown sugar in a microwave-safe dish and fill up a little cup or microwave-safe container with 1/4 mug of water. Place both side-by-side in the microwave as well as warm in 30-second intervals (inspecting the sugar after each round).

The water will start to boil as well as the vapor will certainly soften the sugar up until it can quickly be squashed with your fingers. Simply keep an eye on it making sure not to thaw the sugar, and also the bowls will certainly be hot, so deal with carefully.

If the globs of tough sugar are as well big for the microwave to save them, then attempt this following approach, the oven.

2. Oven (Quickly Soften Brown Sugar)

How to soften Brown Sugar with oven. Utilize this technique when: You have truly large portions of sugar to soften. An additional fast method to soften difficult brown sugar is by warming it in the stove.

You’ll have to keep an eye on the sugar so it doesn’t melt, but it functions well with both smaller sized and bigger pieces of sugar.

Warmth the oven to 250 ° F. Spread the tough brown sugar out in a single layer on a parchment-lined cooking sheet. Location in the oven and warm for 5 mins (check after 2 minutes for really little items).

Get rid of from the oven and also break apart the softened sugar. If it’s still hard, warmth for added 1-minute intervals until softened.

3. Bread

How to soften Brown Sugar with bread. Place the tough brown sugar in a bowl or resealable plastic bag and location a slice of bread (ordinary sandwich bread is fine) in addition to the sugar.

Tightly cover with cling wrap or seal the bag as well as reserve for a minimum of 8 hours as well as approximately 24 Hr. As the bread dries out, the dampness launched will certainly soften the sugar.

Utilize this method when: You have time to spare and don’t need it immediately. If you observe that only some of the sugar has hard globs, eliminate them and utilize this approach. When softened, you can add it back to the bag of sugar.

4. An Apple

Utilize this technique when: You have time yet not a slice of bread. This approach passes on a faint apple odor to the brown sugar, so I ‘d suggest making use of the bread approach prior to this one if you can.

Place the hard brown sugar in a dish or resealable plastic bag with a fresh apple slice (a couple of pieces for larger clumps).

Snugly cover with plastic wrap or secure the bag as well as set aside for a minimum of 8 hours and also as much as 24-HOUR. The dampness from the apple will soften the sugar and also it will prepare to use once again.

5. Terra Cotta

The last way is How to soften Brown Sugar with terra cotta. Hardened brown sugar is such a common trouble, that some brilliant individuals have come up with an extremely creative option.

You just saturate an item of terra-cotta in water for around 20 minutes, then position it in an air-tight container with the dried sugar lump.

In concerning a day, the terra-cotta revives the sugar as well as avoids it from abiding up once again by preserving an ideal dampness level.

How to Keep Brown Sugar Soft

How to Keep Brown Sugar Soft

1. Store Brown Sugar in an Airtight Container

Brown sugar has the tendency to obtain hard due to air exposure. If you intend to maintain brown sugar soft, you’re best choice is to keep your brown sugar in a sealable, closed container when you open it up.

  • Limitation air direct exposure as much as possible when keeping brown sugar. Pick a smaller container as well as pack the brown sugar to the top. Ensure to secure securely, double monitoring for fractures as well as openings.
  • You could not find a small enough container. In this instance, use a little Ziplock bag. Eject all the excess air prior to sealing the bag.

2. Use a Terra Cotta Sugar Saver

Cooking area stores and some supermarket offer exactly what are called terra-cotta sugar savers. These are tiny, circular devices made from terra cotta clay.

They are economical, regarding $3 each, and can be easily used to soften brown sugar. They are created to launch dampness right into your sugar, maintaining it soft in storage.

  • After acquiring the terra-cotta sugar saver, saturate it in water for 15 mins. After that, dry off the disk.
  • Shop the sugar saver with the brown sugar. Ideally, you should be using the terra-cotta sugar saver together with a sealable impermeable container or plastic bag.
  • If you add a sugar saver to a bag of brown sugar that’s already solidified, it could use up to 8 hrs for the sugar to soften.

3. Add Marshmallows to Your Bag

If you don’t have a sugar saver, marshmallows work for some when it concerns keeping sugar soft. Throw a couple of marshmallows right into your sugar container and see if it aids.

4. Store with Apples and Bread

Apples as well as bread are both relatively damp by nature. Adding a couple of pieces of apples or an item of bread to a bag of brown sugar could aid keep it soft.

The idea is the sugar will certainly attract wetness from the bread or fruit. If you’re adding apples or bread to hardened brown sugar, it may take a day prior to it begins to soften.

The Best Brown Sugar Substitutes


If your brown sugar has actually turned an edge and also is genuinely past the defining moment, you do not need to ignore your baking job.

Keeping a couple of brownish sugar-adjacent sugar accessible will enable you to proceed with the dish (of course, know that completion result won’t be specifically the like if you made use of brown sugar, so trying out an open mind).

Demerara and also muscovado sugars are known for their nutty preference and crispy texture, many thanks to larger-sized granules. Turbinado, likewise referred to as “raw” sugar is one more fine alternative.

All are minimally improved, indicating they’re not blonde. They are made by partly vaporizing walking cane juice to the point of granules.

This remains in opposition to brown sugar, which is offered its dark color as well as bold flavor by including molasses back right into totally improved white sugar, nonetheless the structure is similar throughout the map. Maple sugar, which is made from vaporized syrup, is an additional great fill-in.

What is Brown Sugar

How to Soften Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a sucrose sugar item with an unique brown shade as a result of the visibility of molasses. It is either a raw or partly improved soft sugar consisting of sugar crystals with some residual molasses material (all-natural brown sugar), or it is created by the enhancement of molasses to refined white sugar (business brown sugar).

The Codex Alimentarius needs brown sugar to include at least 88% of sucrose plus invert sugar. Commercial brown sugar includes from 3.5% molasses (brown sugar) to 6.5% molasses (dark brown sugar) based on total volume.

Based on complete weight, regular commercial brown sugar consists of as much as 10% molasses. The item is normally damp from the hygroscopic nature of the molasses as well as is usually labelled as “soft.”

The item might go through handling to give a product that streams better for industrial handling. The addition of dyes or other chemicals could be permitted in some locations or for industrial products.

Fragment size is variable however generally less compared to granulated white sugar. Products for commercial use (e.g., the industrial manufacturing of cakes) might be based upon wheel sugar which has crystals of about 0.35 mm.

Therefore the discussion of how to soften brown sugar rapidly, well, as well as properly. The components in this article might be simply a few of the numerous ways to soften brown sugar. Nonetheless, we wish this post will aid fix your issue.