Ideas Kitchen Lighting Fixtures with Modern, Simple, and Beautiful Design

Kitchen Lighting – If there’s one place the worlds of form and function seamlessly meet it’s in the kitchen. And upgrading the lighting is an way to add a fresh dose of style and substance to the space.

Even if you don’t have a major kitchen remodel in your future, a simple lighting swap, from adding some architectural track lighting to installing a dramatic chandelier might be all it takes to upgrade the entire kitchen.

Lighting is a lot like painting in that way: it can be an inexpensive, but impressive way to transform the room in a single afternoon.

Kitchen Lighting Fixtures Ideas

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If you’re planning to update or remodel your kitchen and have been viewing photos online or from magazines for ideas, you’ve probably noticed how lighting enhances the design. Kitchen light fixtures can be both functional and attractive.

They can provide proper illumination for work areas, and accentuate and complement architectural and decorative elements of a kitchen. Below is a collection of interesting kitchen lighting fixtures ideas to note.

1. Recessed Lights

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Source: mcclurgteam.comRecessed lights are used for both general lighting and over task areas in kitchens. The most common size of recessed light cans is 6 inches in diameter which can be used for all applications. Lights are typically spaced 5-to-6 feet apart for general lighting and can be placed closer in proximity over task areas.

When selecting recessed lights it’s important to know that you will have several choices for trims although a baffle trim is the most popular and helps to reduce glare. There also are different types of bulbs, including incandescent, CFL, LED and halogen. Consider using dimmer switches to regulate the lights and save on energy costs.

2. Directional Recessed Lights

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The beam of light from recessed fixtures can be directed if an eyeball trim casing with rotation is used. Directional trims are adjustable and can be used to illuminate work and display areas.

3. Decorative Pendant Lights

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Decorative lights can add style, color and a focal point to a kitchen. Pendant lights come in many shapes, sizes and materials.

Glass lights glow while metallic fixtures become an architectural element. Pendant lights are often used in twos or threes when placed over an island or peninsula.

4. Multiple Lamp Fixtures

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A multiple lamp fixture can be mounted with a single connection on a ceiling and, depending of the design, can disperse light over an area of two feet for each lamp.

These fixtures are ideal for illuminating the surface of an island or peninsula if downlight lamps are used. Using a dimmer switch with this type of a fixture can reduce glare especially over reflective counter surfaces.

5. Dining Area Fixtures

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More kitchen remodeling projects involve opening up an existing floor plan by removing a wall to incorporate an underutilized dining room or reconfiguring the space to include an area for dining.

Fixtures selected for dining areas of a kitchen can add style and interest. A dimmer switch can help set the mood when entertaining.

6. Spotlights

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This kitchen was designed to optimize a view but the windows limit wall space. There is a long extension of counter on the perimeter to allow for the placement of base cabinet storage and an island.

Recessed lights were used for general lighting and suspended directional spotlights used for the task areas. Pendant lights were also included in the design and are placed over the sink and dinette.

7. Track Lights

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Track lights have improved over the years and are now made with smaller lamps. Pendant lights can also be added to a track. The advantages of using a track light system are:

Tracks are versatile and can curve.
You can easily determine the number of lights you want to use.
You can direct the lights to illuminate task areas and decorative elements.
They are easy to install.
Many track light systems now feature LED lights that have a long life and do not require frequent changing of bulbs.

8. Cabinet Lighting

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Cabinet lights are great for displaying contents but are also practical, especially for people with vision problems. Puck lights can be installed inside cabinets with glass doors.

LED light strips are a great option for undercabinet lighting. Both light fixtures can be installed with dimmer switches for ambiance and, for puck lights, to reduce the heat they give off in an enclosed cabinet.

9. Decorative Flush Mount

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One of the fastest ways to give a spec kitchen new style is to swap out the standard ceiling fixture for something with a little more personality.

A flush mount fixture with decorative details like this drum light with geometric cutouts is a dramatic addition that only requires a few twists of a screwdriver.

10. Pendant Lights

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If you kitchen has an island or breakfast bar, consider hanging pendant lights above it. Pendant lighting not only adds style to the space, it can also help anchor a kitchen island so it feels more deliberate in an open concept home.

The beauty of the kitchen lighting you will get if applying the chandelier as in the picture above.

11. Puck Lights

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Small, disc-like puck lights are easy to install almost anywhere you need added illumination, from under cabinets to inside deep drawers or in dark corners of the pantry.

There are hardwired and plug in puck lights, but for the simplest installation opt for battery-operated LED pucks, which can last up to 30,000 hours and can be hung with Velcro.

12. Bespoke Room

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This stylish yet simple suspended lighting track is perfect for a kitchen and much more versatile than having spots in the ceiling. Simply position the spots directing light to were you need it most e.g. chopping surfaces.

It also works well if the ceiling is at different heights like in this kitchen, or if you don’t have walls to position wall lights. Adding variety is also key to change the ambience when needed.

This kitchen opens past a staircase and into the dining area and living room beyond. Using clusters of lights such as the three copper pendants over the dining table helps zone the space and keep lighting flexible.

13. Chandelier Lighting

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Renowned for being a spectacular, glamorous lighting choice, chandelier lighting adds instant luxury and extravagance to a room.

Although chandeliers are most commonly used in living and dining rooms, incorporating this lighting fixture into the kitchen can add personality and allure.

14. Kitchen Island Lighting

Remarkable kitchen island lighting modern #Kitchenlighting #Kitchenideas #Kitchen #Home #House

If you’re lucky enough to have enough space for a kitchen island, you’ll want to accent it with ceiling lights. These hanging lights have a bit of an industrial vibe to them but look great in this modern kitchen.

We love the contrast between the black lights and splashback and the white cabinets and worktops.

15. Exposed Wires

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Source: bidvine.comThis is a pretty trendy kitchen lighting idea, but it’s not overly expensive. That means that you can install it in your home now and then update it when the trends change.

This kitchen features light bulbs hanging from cords wrapped around a brass pole. This industrial look is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your flat if you can’t install a whole new light fixture.

16. Hanging Edison Bulbs

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To add a vintage touch to your modern kitchen, we recommend installing hanging Edison bulbs above your island. You can even drape them around a brass pole like the previous idea to create a more intricate focal point.

These Edison bulbs are spaced perfectly above the island and allow for a clear sight line throughout the space. The great thing about exposed Edison bulbs is the fact that they won’t impede your field of vision.

17. Large Pendant Lights

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Source: / house beautiful

The large pendant lights made of steel, along with the high-end appliances, make this kitchen feel like a professional kitchen.

These heavy metal pendant would need to be installed by a professional given their weight and risk of falling on your family members. If you’re searching for an industrial and professional look, though, these lights are perfect for you.

18. Light over the Kitchen Sink

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While you may think that a window will provide enough light for your dishwashing, you’ll likely find yourself needing a bit more brightness. For this reason, it’s smart to install a ceiling light over your sink.

This kitchen features traditional ceiling lights, with two large lights over the island and a smaller one over the sink. It’s smart to keep the design of the lights in your kitchen the same in order to ensure cohesion throughout the room.

19. Simple Ceiling Light

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If you’re not ready to splash out for an extravagant light fixture or fancy chandelier, worry not! You can find many budget-friendly options that provide plenty of light to your kitchen.

The light fixture pictured features four bulbs pointing in different directions, making sure that the light covers the whole room. This light is modern enough to update a kitchen, but not too modern that it would look out of place in a simple kitchen.

20. Glam Kitchen Chandeliers

Life-changing kitchen glass pendant lighting #Kitchenlighting #Kitchenideas #Kitchen #Home #House

If you’re looking for a glam kitchen that’s perfect for entertaining, look no further! This beautiful kitchen features a concealed refrigerator and dishwasher, as well as a professional range.

The room is centred around a contrasting kitchen island with marble countertops. The room is lit by glamorous chandeliers with hanging gems above the kitchen island.

Similarly examples of kitchen lighting fixtures ideas in this article. How? You are inspired to design your kitchen with lighting like above? Hopefully this article useful.

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