20 Best of Minimalist Houses Design [Simple, Unique, and Modern]

Minimalist Houses Design – The minimalist architectural style, which is actually entrenched in the twentieth century, has actually secured many enthusiastic fans with the years. Not only due to its physical structure but additionally for the way of life that is connected with it. Yet what exactly is the design, decoration, or homes connected with the minimalist design?

It is an economical design considered streamlined, welcoming and also enchanting. Houses in this style are well lit and organised. The primary style is “much less is a lot more”, and this style should be trusted.

The colour palette is limited largely to white, black as well as grey, however also entails natural tones like eco-friendly, blue or brownish. Design and atmosphere are tidy as well as straightforward, showcasing straight lines harmonising with geometric forms (some asymmetrical forms are sometimes developed, yet they work efficiently).

Minimalist houses design have large open areas as well as significant windows, permitting a lot of natural light. The style is simple, includes perpendicular aircrafts, and uses materials such as stainless-steel, steel, timber, marble, granite and also glass.

Now, allow’s find 20 amazing minimalist houses design, each one as intriguing as well as inspirational as the following.

Minimalist Houses Design

1.  The mobile home

Miraculous minimalist design for houses #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: homify.co.za

The mobile home makes its appearance, presenting sufficient space for two people. Nothing is lacking here; instead it is filled with comfort, quality, and careful aestheticism.

Imagine, if you will, a pre-fabricated kit that can be assembled on the spot of your choice, transformed into a permanent home or temporary holiday house.

Your own minimalist residence that travels with you wherever you wish to take it. Thanks to ingenious Portuguese entrepreneurs, this is possible on every continent – just name your country!

2. Back to black

Staggering minimalist design for small houses #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: homify.co.za

Beautiful minimalist houses design. The daring team of C95 Architekten tempts us with this otherworldly creation. Captivating, impressive, and certainly unique.

Who’d have thought that a simple coating of black wood could have such an effect on a house? It certainly achieves an interesting contrast with the lush green of the surrounding landscape. Notice the straight architectural designs offsetting against the free-flowing natural patterns.

3. An ecological creation

Terrific modern minimalist design houses #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: homify.co.za

Here we have evidence that a house possessing a large foundation (and after many months of work) can not only be a classic example of the minimalist style, but also environmentally friendly.

Are you set on green living? Then this beauty should be right up your alley. The house was built in 2007 by Portuguese architectural firm Artspazios. Using wood and stone as a nod of respect to the environment and its natural materials, the designers constructed a simple design of lines.

4. Resembling a Film Set

Wonderful minimalist interior design for small houses #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: homify.co.za

Large, spacious, superb and definitely minimalist. This house won us over through its simple lines and original architecture. Absolutely worth sharing!

Notice the white colour, wood and glass – all elements of the minimalist style, yet completely original and unique, as each architect incorporates his own personal touch to his work. Similar to homes of other styles, the minimalist house can feature just as much of your taste and personality as you desire!

5. A Winter Beauty

Eye-opening minimalist houses plans #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: homify.co.za

Here we see a minimalist house in an exceptional setting. The pure white snow of the landscape lends a unique charm to the dwelling, further emphasising its minimalist features.

Showcasing an original architectural style, the house consists of two perpendicular blocks of two distinct tones. Glass dominates both settings and allows the barriers between chic interior and magical exterior to evaporate.

6. A Top Choice

Delight hdb house design #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: homify.co.za

A dream constructed by Portuguese team Urban Core, this minimalist layout stretches about 600 square metres. Spacious flooring, double volumes, and huge glass glazing to ensure natural lighting throughout the day.

As is evident through the windows, the decor and furniture have been used sparingly, adding to the spaciousness of the rooms. A typical factor of minimalist homes is the absence of lush gardens and vegetation, usually opting for nothing more than a lawn.

Here, however, we are treated to a wide open grass landscape, as well as a glimmering swimming pool to serve as icing on the cake. What a fabulous view it must be from those huge windows.

7. Commencing the Dream

Astonishing minimalist design hdb #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: homify.co.za

From northern Europe (and from the professionals at Start Haus) comes this wonderful example of minimalist living. Immediately noticeable is the presence of wood, framing the gigantic windows and flowing into the pergola in front of the house. This gives a definite continuity to the linear design.

Grey stone slabs cover the house’s facade, offsetting neatly against the lighter tone of the wood and the lush greenery of the landscape. An intriguing creation with a harmonious environment!

8. Small California Beach House

Brilliant design interior modern minimalis #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: smallhousebliss.com

There is nothing the least bit fancy about this beach house. Nonetheless, its pleasing proportions, simple detailing, and color scheme combine to make for a handsome home. We can’t tell you how much it cost to build; we can only point out some of the material and design choices that will typically result in savings.

Starting with the design of the house, the shape is a basic rectangle. A rectangular shape takes less wall area to enclose than a more complex shape, and every corner costs money.

An L- or T-shaped floor plan can add interest to a home’s interior, as well as define outdoor spaces, but if you want to keep the cost to an absolute minimum then stick to a simple rectangle. The word “simple” will keep coming up here. Simple equates to easy and cheap to build; complexity is costly.

9. Tiny House

Awesome minimalist design singapore #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This tiny but comfortable home designed by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design has all of the makings of being the perfect charming space. It was designed with the theory of not only downsizing the space as it is only 540 square feet, but with the idea of reusing materials that have been recycled.

The home is fully insulated which gives it that cottage feel while still having areas of high ceilings in order to accommodate the homeowners sleeping loft above.

10. Small Construction

Spectacular modern small house design 2016 #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: homedsgn.com

Located in the town of Fermanville, in France this small construction home that looks like a shack has a dimension and a ratio of 3 meters per 4 meters which gives you a total of 12 square meters. May seem like an extremely small space to create a home in but the end result is a home that uses every inch of its construction.

The inside offers a minimalist approach with minimal furniture and décor. The ceiling was updated and expanded upwards to create an additional level. Furthermore, there are purposefully placed windows that allow the home to always have plenty of natural sunlight.

11. A Home on Wheels

Marvelous house minimalist modern #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: cdn.homedsgn.com

If want to go on an adventure having a home on wheels is the perfect excuse. This company creates the perfect small home on wheels customized to you and your needs. The home comes in numerous different sizes and variations with unique amenities such as refrigerator, stove, a heater and/or air conditioner.

You can even have a composting toilet to create as little bit of waste as possible. Furthermore, the inside is fully lined with insulated wood for that natural warm feeling.

12. Small House 46 M2

Unbelievable modern bungalow house design 2016 #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: cdn.homedsgn.com

Located in Trondheim, Norway this modern project was designed by KKDESIGN with a contemporary style in mind. The exterior of the home offers a deck space that is pretty large for a smaller home. This idea came about the designer wanting to create the perfect mixture between a contemporary space with a natural feel.

Due to this, the exterior is completely contemporary, meanwhile, the interior is mostly white and has a very natural feel.

13. BIG & Small House

Breathtaking sofa minimalist design #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
by Anonymous Architects

The BIG and small house by Anonymous Architects was designed to appear no longer than a shed. However, once you step into the home you will realize why it has such a unique name. The interior of the home is much bigger than it appears.

With an open floor plan, the entire home feels and looks spacious once you can see it from the inside. To further enhance the size of the home the residence is shaped as a Parallelogram. This shape allows the interior to look and feel wider.

14. The Small House

Excited design interior minimalist #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
by Maryann Thompson Architects

This, 750 square feet one-bedroom cabin is located in Berkshire County, Massachusetts offers a contemporary take on a cabin home. With a 500 square foot porch, sleeping loft, and double French doors connect the home to the porch.

The idea was to elevate the appeal of a cabin and give it a more picturesque feel. Therefore, there are several large windows around the home that give you visibility to the great outdoors.

In conclusion, these small homes may seem small on the outside, but they actually have everything you need and more on the inside. Which of these homes would be your dream home? Let us know in the comments below.

15. The Movable Concrete Tiny House

Remarkable minimalist home design inspiration #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: itinyhouses.com

When you think of concrete, you probably don’t think of mobility, but this minimalist tiny house by Estonian design collective Kodasema proves it can be done.

The home is prefabricated and can be set up or collapsed within just four hours. There is no need to a foundation, and modular units can be combined to make larger structures. Check out the post for more photos.

16. Tiny Teahouse by Pietro Belluschi

Fantastic house design minimalist modern style #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: itinyhouses.com

Modern minimalist architecture draws a lot of influence and inspiration from traditional Japanese architecture and interior design, which is one reason you will see those same elements show up a lot in tiny house design. One fabulous example is this tiny teahouse.

The architect who built it on commission was so pleased with it that he ended up acquiring it for himself a few years later. Learn more here.

17. Wall of Shutters

Unique hdb minimalist design #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: itinyhouses.com

This Dutch house shares a lot of design commonalities with the one I shared previously by the lake. But this one incorporates another amazing feature, one which is very unique—a whole wall of shutters! At day, they can be opened to let in the sunlight, and at night, they can be closed for privacy.

18. House on Wheels in Crete

Sensational new modern house design images #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: itinyhouses.com

This home was commissioned by a yoga teacher from Glasgow who was looking for a perfect little minimalist haven among the olive trees of Crete. It was a local planning requirement that the structure be on wheels. Visit the source link to check out photos of this elegant design.

19. MIMA Light

Extraordinary modern design decor #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: itinyhouses.com

I would be remiss to leave out another brilliant example of minimalist tiny house construction by MIMA. The MIMA Light is not only a beautiful, elegant structure, it is a fun one too.

20. Marfa

Uplifting modern and minimalist #home #house #modernhomes #smallhomes
Source: itinyhouses.com

This 320-square-foot structure looks so awkwardly poised you might think it is about to collapse. But it is quite stable, and does a great job bringing in the light and the view of the surrounding landscape.

Minimalist houses design are a reactionary metaphor. Because these homes are so tiny, every surface must be functional, and wherever possible, openness, space and lightness must be emphasized. This is what minimalism makes possible in minimalist houses design.

And if minimalist houses design are a metaphor for the lifestyle of the new generation, what we are seeking today is openness, serenity, simplicity, purpose and imagination.