21 Best Swimming Pool Designs [Beautiful, Cool, and Modern]

If you are living in a place that has hot weather, having a swimming pool is a blast. Whenever you are having a stressful day, you can simply relax at your backyard. Or, perhaps you are building the swimming pool for other purposes. No worries, because we have 21 swimming pool designs for you to refer to.

Having your own swimming pool is a dream of many. You can enjoy your private time swimming at the comfort of your own house, rather than going to a public pool where you have to swim in a crowded place. That is especially on the weekend, where everyone has the same idea to go swimming at the same time.

Other than not having to share your swimming pool with bunch of strangers, having a swimming pool is a nice addition to your house. Moreover, you can invite your friends and have a time of your live.

You can throw parties all you want, or simply have a relaxing time with family and friends while watching sunsets. Now, you can check out our swimming pool designs.

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Amazing Swimming Pool Designs

1. Indoor Pool With Spa

Miraculous swimming pool design philippines #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via Alka Pool (alkapool.com)

If you prefer an indoor pool, this is a design that you can try. You don’t have to worry about putting on sunscreen, or not being able to swim because it is raining.

Also, if you like to take a night dip in the pool, it is better to have indoor pool so that it won’t be as affected to the weather. In this photo, there is also a spa where you can take a hot bath and relax as well.

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2. Infinity Pool With Sheer Descent

Staggering swimming pool design images #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via Alka Pool (alkapool.com)

People travel a lot to have an experience of infinity pool, so why don’t you have your own? With this type of design, you can enjoy the scenery while swimming. Have a floating breakfast and you have yourself the perfect swimming experience.

3. Swimming Pool Design with Rocks and Waterfall

Terrific outdoor swimming pool design #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via Specialty Exteriors (specialtyexteriors.com)

Outdoor swimming pool is best when it is incorporated with nature feels. This design uses rocks and waterfall to mimic the feeling of being in the forest with waterfall. You can feel that the water gets fresher just like in the forest with this design.

4. Violin shaped pool

Wonderful swimming pool design plans pdf #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via NJ Custom Swimming Pools (njcustomswimmingpools.com)

Love to have a unique design? Perhaps this is the one for you. The pool is shaped just like a violin to give a unique view that none others have. This is especially perfect if you love music! The purple and blue lighting is also a nice addition to the overall look.

5. Edge Luxury Swimming Pool With Waterfall

Eye-opening swimming pool house design ideas #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via NJ Custom Swimming Pools (njcustomswimmingpools.com)

This is another swimming pool design that has waterfall in it. The difference is, the waterfall is put at edge to create a luxurious and modern look. Waterfall is indeed a nice touch and provides a relaxing sound of water as well.

6. Pool With Water Curtain

Delight design of swimming pool #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via Harold Leidner (haroldleidner.com)

If you like to have family and friends staying over at your pool, this design is perfect. There are so many places to relax on, so that everyone can enjoy the moment and relax while chatting with one another. The design is simple and luxurious too.

7. Swimming Pool Next to Fire Pit

Astonishing swimming pool design on rooftop #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via Harold Leidner (haroldleidner.com)

While you have a lot of water, why not put a fire element with it? This design has a fire pit so that you can warm yourself after swimming in the cold swimming pool. Combining two different elements is a great way to show luxurious side of you.

8. Narrow Lap Pool

Brilliant swimming pool design manual #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via Armond Aquatech Pools (armondpools.com/)

If you have a tight space, this design is brilliant. This pool design is long in length but short in width. So, if you have a limited space or extra space like this, there is just no excuse to not have a swimming pool!

9. Vanishing Edge Pool

Awesome swimming pool design 2018 #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via Armond Aquatech Pools (armondpools.com)

This design is awesome because it is simple yet looks amazing. On one side of your pool, the edge looks like it is vanishing. It is a great design for your backyard pool.

10. Luxury swimming pool

Spectacular swimming pool design drawings pdf #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via Downunda Pools (downundapools.com)

This design looks very luxurious, kind of like what Princess Jasmine has. Throw in some lighting and it will look spectacular at night, so you can feel like a princess at any night of your life.

11. Pond-Like Swimming Pool

Marvelous swimming pool bathroom design #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via Downuna Pools (downundapools.com)

The swimming pool above is inspired by pond. It is classic and the design will last you a long time. This is one of the most popular pool ideas that people choose, because the design has been around for a long time, creating a timeless design.

12. Small Pool With Spa and Hardscape

Unbelievable swimming pool design top view #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via Specialty Exteriors (specialtyexteriors.com)

Having a spa at your pool is a great addition, even if you only have a small swimming pool. This design plays with the exterior design that makes a small space looks great.

13. Small Modern Pool

Breathtaking swimming pool design small #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via Abramson Teiger (abramsonteiger.com)

This modern pool is great if you have a small space in your house. The design itself is minimalist, just like other modern designs. If you have a minimalist house, definitely go with this design to compliment the overall house design.

14. Grecian Swimming Pool

Excited swimming pool design ideas and prices #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via Designer Pools and Spas (designerpoolsandspas.com)

If you like Greek architecture, this swimming pool design must excite you. Why not bring the ancient Greece design to your own house?

15. Small Freeform Swimming Pool

Remarkable swimming pool design indian standards #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via Designer Pools and Spas (designerpoolsandspas.com)

Are you feeling like not having any specific structure to your swimming pool? This freeform swimming pool is perfect for you. It is inspired by Indian design, so it is perfect for hot weather.

16. The Famous Donnell Pool

Fantastic swimming pool design dwg #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via thespruce.com

Another freeform pool design inspiration for you. This fantastic design is inspired by Modernist. The kidney-shaped pool is a design that has lasted for years.

17. Pool with Fish Mural

Unique 3d swimming pool design #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via fthmb.tqn.com

If you already have a swimming pool design in mind, why not put some 3D pictures of fish? The result, as you can see above, is unique. You can use this idea to other designs as well.

18. Dolphin Mosaic

Sensational house with swimming pool design #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via fthmb.tqn.com

Now, let’s talk about dolphin. This design has dolphin on the bottom of the pool. Won’t this design just remind you of the ocean? Having pictures of fish here and there shows your creative side when choosing which swimming pool designs that you like.

19. Wet Deck Design

Extraordinary bali swimming pool design #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via fthmb.tqn.com

Wet deck design reminds you of hotels in Bali, doesn’t it? You can bring them to your own house with this extraordinary swimming pool design.

20. Small Lot, Big Pool

Uplifting bedroom swimming pool design #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via fthmb.tqn.com

While other designs use a little space for the pool and the rest is filled with landscape, this is a design if you would like to use up all the areas for the swimming pool itself.

21. Eco Retreat

Life-changing swimming pool company logo design #swimmingpools #homedecor #indoorpool #outdoorpool
Image via fthmb.tqn.com

Doesn’t this design just remind you of the nature? The use of wood, the color play and some trees will make you feel like you are in a retreat.

Those are all the swimming pool designs that you can install into your own swimming pool. There is nothing more luxurious than swimming in your own pool whenever you want.

Whether you would like to have a morning swim for a workout, an afternoon dip for relaxing or night pool party, you are free to do whatever you want with your luxurious pool.

Moreover, you don’t have to go anywhere for a stay-cation, because you can simply go to your backyard. You don’t need to book a hotel or travel anywhere, as you can travel to the back of your house instead.

Having your own swimming pool is the ultimate feature of a perfect backyard. Spend your time with anyone you want, from family to friends.

With our swimming pool designs above, you can choose which ones you think are the best. You can choose your own taste of aesthetic elements. If you like to have a unique lighting or special materials, or any creative designs, you should definitely do it. Nothing is more luxurious than having your own imagination put into realization!


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