Funny Weird Facts about Animals

21 Funny Weird Facts about Animals You Might Have Missed

Studying about the world kingdom of animal is limitless, and some facts might never be known by human. This is due to the amount of weird facts about animals that have been discovered, yet you might not know of. The animal itself is familiar for most people, but there are a few facts about the … Read more

21 Interesting Facts of Snake that Will Poison Your Life

Many people hate snakes because of its poison. This is one of those facts of snake that you cannot deny as the poison can be very dangerous sometimes. Beside that reason alone, there are some other reasons why a lot of people hate this kind of reptile. Despite of those reasons, there are a lot … Read more

19 Fun Facts about Snow Leopard

facts about snow leopard

Facts about Snow Leopard – Known throughout the world for their snow-like, beautiful fur as well as elusive behavior, the endangered snow leopard can be found in Central Asia. Living in the rugged mountains, snow leopards are perfect for adjusting to the cold. The fur is known to be beautiful with the combination of white … Read more

Interesting Facts about White Tiger

Facts about White Tiger Unique Body Marks

This Fun Facts About White Tiger – Many people are afraid of tigers because they are considered as an aggressive and dangerous animal. Even though, as a member of the Panthera families, this animal actually has some species that can be considered as something quite special. It is the white tiger. Even though the tiger … Read more

21 Fun Facts about Black Panther the Animal

Fun facts abaout black panther the animal

Facts abaout Black Panther – Black panther is a name that many remember; it even became a name of a popular movie. However, in actuality, black panther is very rare to be found. There are a lot of amazing facts about black panther that will amuse you, and we have 21 of those facts listed … Read more