21 The Most Unique Modern Home Design in the World [NEW]

Modern house designs are all over the spectrum in terms of shapes, sizes, and materials as architects seek creative solutions for every problem presented by location, client’s desires, and, of course, budget.

While modern homes are generally quite alike with their boxy shapes and glazed facades there are still a lot of interesting eye-catchy ideas out there.

Modern House Designs

When talking about a modern house it’s hard to avoid glass facades. The idea is to create an indoor/outdoor feel that is so important for popular mid-century modern Eichler and similar houses. Even if facades aren’t made of glass, big windows become an essential part of most modern homes.

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1. Guazuma House in Tabasco, Mexico

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Guazuma House by Alberto Zavala Arquitectos

Pavilion-like buildings are amazing for picturesque locales because they create a natural indoor/outdoor feel. Guazuma House by Alberto Zavala Arquitectos is such a building. Because of its wide narrow structure without walls it only partially protects the living area from the outdoors with the sliding glass doors.

The areas at either side of the living room are almost completely open to the environing nature. Though more private areas are hidden at the back of the house in elevated boxy structures with staircase access.

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2. Nook Residence in Mansonville, Canada

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by MU Architecture

Nook Residence by MU Architecture earns its name through its pavilion-like design. Partially hidden behind white wall the living spaces share the stage with the sleek outdoor spaces.

Plentiful glass inclusions offer the views and access to those outdoor areas as well as harvest the natural light. And even the facade mezzanine can’t prevent dwellers from enjoying the landscapes thanks to the wispy thin railings.

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3. Gaze in Obu, Japan

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by APOLLO Architects

Gaze is one of those structures. It catches the eye and combines various materials and elements to maximize space. Created by APOLLO Architects for a client with an art collection Gaze is almost completely hidden from the outside world.

Glass walls on the ground floor are obstructed with concrete interior walls that don’t only increase the privacy of the house but also offer precious wall space for hanging art.

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3. Dilido Haus in Florida

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Dilido Haus by Gabriela Caicedo-Liebert

Located in Miami Beach Dilido Haus by Gabriela Caicedo-Liebert is another one of the futuristic kind. Completed this year the project follows the MiMo (Miami Modern architecture) aesthetic that combines styles Art Deco and Streamline.

Resulting luxury building masterfully balances public and private spaces. And its gorgeous green landscapes further elevate the property among its competition.

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4. Dwelling at Maytree in Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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Source: cdn.trendir.com

Sitting in Wicklow Hills this modern house by ODOS architects is replacing an old cottage. Offering ample living area of 3,089 square feet (287 sq m) the house has three bedrooms, a two car garage, a study, and a an open plan living/kitchen/dining area.

Its intriguing shape fits snuggly into the base of a small green hill. And its road-facing side features monochromatic blue screens that add an eye-catchy detail to the pristine white building.

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5. Flexhouse in Switzerland

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by Evolution Design

Evolution Design was given a no small task of translating all the locale’s movement into a modern house design. The resulting glass structure is sandwiched between the textured ribbon-shaped elements that extend to provide an outdoor terrace.

Opening up to the Lake Zurich the Flexhouse’s glass walls soak a lot of natural light during the day. In addition, as if to complement its incredible exterior there are a lot of rounded walls and corners inside the house.

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6. Low-Energy Family House in Stechovice, Czech Republic

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by Caraa

Low-Energy Family House by Caraa doesn’t really look like a home at all. Perhaps it is because the architects rarely choose a circular shape for private projects. In case of this modern house the clients wanted to leave as minimal imprint on the natural locale as possible.

Built out of concrete the house has huge triangular windows that result an curious interior architecture.

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7. Pilotis House in Okayama, Japan

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Pilotis House by Furuichi and Associates

No shape is forbidden in modern house design. For instance, Pilotis House in Okayama designed by Furuichi and Associates that sits near the rice fields is shaped as a cross. It is far from symbolic, though, as it was dictated by the plot size and humidity levels of the locale.

Its shape does not only provide a lot of space but also promotes better air flow to battle humidity whereas numerous glazed walls harvest natural light highly required in such a vast building.

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8. CML House in Chile

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by Ricardo Torrejón + Arturo Chadwick

CML House by Ricardo Torrejón and Arturo Chadwick is one of those that looks like a hybrid between a barn and a box. Textured wood allows it to blend a bit with its natural locale. And the metal-framed windows create a communication with the green outdoors.

On the inside the house is too clad with wood creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. Both the shape and material make for a very unconventional look.

9. House in Yamasaki, Hyogo, Japan

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House in Yamasaki by Tato Architects

Another modern Japanese house is a project from the creatives at Tato Architects. Located in Hyogo Prefecture where the sky is often overcast the architect wanted to make the house as light as possible.

To do that he built three house-like sheds on top of a rectangular foundation to accommodate a bedroom, a guesthouse, and a bathroom. All can be accessed from the inside through stairs and ladders. Interestingly, their light material allows natural light to travel in and out depending on time of day.

10. Lo Contador House in Providencia, Chile

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by GNP Arquitectos

Lo Contador House renovated by GNP Arquitectos is 60% a completely new structure. It may resemble the classic house shape with its pitched roof but the entire approach and execution are modern.

It’s not hard to see the original ground floor structure, but it might have as well been a totally new project. There is virtually no trace of traditional style left.

11. Eyelid House in South Yarra VIC, Australia

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The Eyelid House by Fiona Winzar Architects

The Eyelid House presented a lot of challenges to Fiona Winzar Architects. The extremely tight plot bordering a three-storey hotel called for really creative design solutions.

Using roof overhangs and clever positioning the architect managed to create a modern house that is not only practical for a family of five but also has an interesting aesthetic. Although its roof pitch is moved to the side the structure somewhat resembles the traditional house shape.

12. Enough House in Canada

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Enough House by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects‘s Enough House in Canada looks very traditional with its pitched roof and a chimney. Built for the firm’s architect intern the house that shares a plot with a 1830’s schoolhouse looks similar to the historic building.

While its exterior is clad in a rusty metal paneling, on the inside the wood dominates because of its affordability. A glazed living area opens up to a nearby pond and a country dirt road with miles and miles of pastures going in all directions.

13. House with Dormer Window in Gifu, Japan

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House with Dormer Window by Hiroki Tominaga-Atelier

Hiroki Tominaga-Atelier have rebuilt this house in Gifu Prefecture in Japan for an elderly couple. Combining both traditionally Japanese and European architectural elements the architects made sure the house gets enough sunlight all the while being removed from the edge of the road.

The house’s interiors are as minimal and light as its exterior. In the back it hides a small inner courtyard tucked away from the busy streets as well as fenced from neighbors.

14. Dr. House in Slovenia

Remarkable modern home design single storey #home #UniqueHouse #modernhome #homedesigns
Dr. House by Scapelab

Intriguingly named Dr. House this Scapelab project has an ambiguous shape that appears to be distorted. Located on the green hills of Slovenia the house built for the real local doctor certainly stands out with its metallic silhouette.

The house opens up to the outdoors with sliding glass doors. This allows the open plan living areas extend to the outdoor wooden terrace from which the residents can enjoy the gorgeous views of the locale.

15. Carapicuiba House in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Carapicuiba House by Angelo Bucci + Alvaro Puntoni

Angelo Bucci and Alvaro Puntoni have designed a house in Carapicuiba, São Paulo that sits in a depression not visible from the street. Its shipping container-like top floor is connected with the main building with stairs and bridges.

Thanks to its hidden positioning the house can enjoy lots of glass walls that stay hidden from privy eyes.

16. L House in Lodz, Poland

Unique modern home design 2018 #home #UniqueHouse #modernhome #homedesigns
L House by moomoo Architects

Moomoo Architects built the L House in the Polish city of Łódź back in 2008. Covering it with an insulating plastic material Thermopian the architects kept the exterior extremely enclosed.

A few skylights, windows and sliding glass doors allow to take advantage of natural lighting while the angular fence shields the opposite side of the house from anyone who wanders close.

17. A&N House in Granada, Spain

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A&N House by ariasrecalde

Looking unconventional with its monochromatic facade the A&N House by ariasrecalde is truly a piece of art. Its complex design accommodates the needs and desires of the clients. And the finishing touches like frosted glass windows make for an interesting modern design concept.

18. Cinema House in South Korea

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Cinema House by UTAA

This South Korean house by UTAA has an interesting look about it. With its complex planning based on an uneven plot and the client’s specific needs the building turned out looking quite atypical.

Pulled inside for more comfort and privacy the house facade has multiple big and small windows as well as sliding glass door entrances. Balancing between the tasks of bringing in natural light and keeping the living and working quarters separate the architects managed to also make this modern house look intriguing.

19. 2996 West 11th, Vancouver

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Box House II by Massive Order

Located in Vancouver this modern house by Randy Bens Architect is a perfect alignment of the two Tetris figures. Ca you see them? Decorated with white brick and dark cedar the facade has a few windows and transoms to bring more light into the open plan interior.

Well-disguised from the street side the house includes a master suite’s roof deck and a nice waterless rock landscape in the backyard.

20. Local Rock House on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand

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Local Rock House by Pattersons

This Auckland modern house by Pattersons is something else when it comes to modern architecture. Built with the local pyrite rock the house is comprised of black screened boxes lodged between its structural elements.

Its unusual form creates multiple levels of living space occupying 4,251 square feet (395 sq m). In the backyard the swimming pool is too finished with pyrite echoing the exterior and creating a coherent picture.

21. Alan Voo House in Los Angeles

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Alan Voo House by Neil M. Denari Architects

Looking like a spaceship cabin Alan Voo House by Neil M. Denari Architects is actually a 1,000-square-foot (92.9 sq m) extension to an existing home. Its ground floor is almost entirely outlined with glazed walls while the top floor opens up to a green location with huge glass inclusions.

The house immediately catches the eye because of its futuristic shape, but it seems like the facade faces the backyard hiding the lower glass box ground from privy eyes.

Modern house designs have a lot to offer to a modern dweller. There’s a ton of space thanks to the open indoor/outdoor layouts, unusual shapes and angles, cutting-edge materials that can help reduce energy consumption. Finally, the modern house architecture does not restrict creative minds in any way. Anything that can be imagined can be built, if you can afford it that is.