21 List of Species that Are Endangered in the World

Since many years ago, there has been a lot of animal species existing in this world. Unfortunately, because of the selection of nature, many of them are already extinct. This one is actually the duty of the human. We all have to preserve many of those animals belong to the list of species that are endangered. That is because if the human did not do anything, many of those species will extinct in a short time.

For your information, there are quite a lot of species that are on the dangerous level of extinction. While some of them are being rehabilitated, the others are not. Here are some of those animal species with the endangered species fact.

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1. Red Panda

List of Species that Are Endangered

Red panda is not a real panda. Besides that, there are few people who have seen red panda. The reason is because the number of this animal species is limited. Southwest area of China is the main habitant of this panda, but the number is still very limited.

The loss of its main habitant becomes the main major point that decreases the number of red panda in China. Many people in China are destroying the habitant of the red panda to create more housing and living area.

2. Somali Ostrich

List of Species that Are Endangered

As the name implies, you can only find the Somali ostrich on the African region. The origin of this ostrich becomes the name of this species. Basically, the adult Somali ostrich is not on the verge of extinction. That is because rarely people are looking for the adult one.

Unfortunately, the eggs of this kind of bird are very valuable. That is why the Somali ostrich is on the list of species that are endangered. When people are taking the eggs of this bird species, there will be no more baby ostrich to born.

3. Wallace Birdwing

list of endangered animal species

You can only find this butterfly species in Maluku, Indonesia. That is because this island is the habitant of many unique and amazing butterflies. However, deforestation and logging are two main problems that happened in this area.

As the result, the number of the Wallace Birdwing is decreasing. Besides that, the people in Maluku also eradicate its main food, the mosquitoes. As the result, this butterfly species has less food to eat in the nature.

4. Bactrian Camel

list of endangered species affected by climate change

Some people are asking which species are endangered. It is the he Bactrian camel in China region. The main habitant of this species is around Mongolia. In the last 30 years, people have hunt down this camel species. That is why the number of this animal species is decreasing for sure.

Besides that, wolves as the main predator of this species also contribute to the decreasing number of the Bactrian camel. Though the number is not that significant, the factor puts the Bactrian camel on the list of species that are endangered.

5. Rainbow Parrotfish

endangered species

Bermuda is the main habitant of this cute and colorful fish. Even though the size of this fish is quite large, there are few people who have seen this fish.

The reason is because of the destruction of its habitant in the nature. There are less coral reefs for this fish to cover. As an addition to that, the number of foods will also decrease because of the less number of coral reefs.

6. Sun Bear

Sun Bear

There are some literary that used the sun bear as the sign or even one character on it. Unfortunately, the number is not smaller than the exited sun bear in Southeast Asia region. Hunting becomes the main factor why the number of sun bear is decreasing over the past 20 years.

It is because the skin of this bear species is very expensive. That is why people are hunting the sun bear and put it on the list of species that are endangered. It is the opposite of polar bear with its facts.

7. Greek Red Damsel

Greek Red Damsel

The Greek red damsel might be the unluckiest one among the other animal species on this list. It is because this species is very limited in one area in Southern Albania only. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that press the number of this species down very fast.

Water pollution becomes the main factor that pushes the number of this species down. However, the expanding tourism on the area also becomes another factor that endangered the existence of this species.

8. African Penguin

list of endangered aquatic species

The next on the list of species that are endangered is the penguin. There is another species of penguin that lives in Africa. It is the African penguin. Unfortunately, this species is on the list of species that are endangered. It is true that climate change is one factor that put the African penguin on the verge of extinction.

As an addition, the oil spilled incident in 2000 needs to take the responsibility too. That is because after that incident, the population of African penguin decreased up to 40 percents.

9. Long-Beaked Echidna

list of endangered species act

Many people believe that the long-beaked echidna has lived for as long as they can remember. That is why some people think it is okay for this animal species to extinct. However, there are still a lot of people who disagree with that opinion.

It is because you can only find the long-beaked echidna on the New Guinea region. That is why there are some people who are working on the development program. The program is to preserve the number of long-beaked echidna in New Guinea region.

10. Kakapo


Kakapo is one of those flightless birds that you can find in New Zealand. Around the 18th century, the population of this bird is decreasing quite fast. It did not take long for the people in New Zealand to respond to this condition. They have started the conservation of Kakapo since some years ago. They are using the full isolation standard to keep the Kakapo safe.

Unfortunately, there are some people who think that full isolation is not going to help this bird. That is because you will let them become fragile with no defensive experience at all. As the result, Kakapo will stay on the list of species that are endangered.

11. 3-Toed Sloth

3-Toed Sloth

The 3-toed sloth is actually living peacefully on the island in Panama. That is because the island is inhabitant. Unfortunately, this condition alone does not stop the tourism part to step on the beautiful island of the 3-toed sloth.

As the result, the population of this sloth is decreasing at the steady pace. If only the island is not used for the tourism, there is a possibility that the population is going to increase.

12. Brazilian Armadillo

Brazilian Armadillo

Becoming the mascot of World Cup 2014 does not mean the Brazilian Armadillo is safe from extinction. It is true that the armadillo rarely has a predator with strong power to crack their skin. However, the land expansion that causes the habitant loss is their man problem.

To make it even worse, the number of protected Brazilian armadillo is less than five percents. If this thing continues, the Brazilian armadillo will not be on the list of species that are endangered anymore. This species will be on the list of extinct species.

13. Knysna Seahorse

Knysna Seahorse

Human could not do many things for the Knysna seahorse. It is because human is not the main cause of their endangerment. It was the natural disaster. For your information, there were three big floods that destroyed their estuaries.

The first one is the Knysna, the second one is Swatvlei, and the last one is Keurbooms. The population of this seahorse is not decreasing that much. Yet, another natural disaster will put the Knysna seahorse on the list of extinct species. That is why this is one species that are critically endangered.

14. Fiji Crested Iguana

Fiji Crested Iguana

In the past, Fiji is the heaven for the crested iguana. This iguana is the real color-morphing iguana in the world. Unfortunately, the deforestation happened in the recent years put this species on the list of species that are endangered.

Besides the human factor, their predator is also something scary. It is because their natural predators are not only hunting the crested iguana, but also the eggs.

15. Scimitar Oryx

Scimitar Oryx

In the past, the dried Sahara was the main cause of the decreasing population of the Scimitar Oryx. Years after that, it is the human that becomes the major cause of the decreasing population of the Scimitar Oryx. If the African elephants are hunted for their ivory, the Scimitar Oryx are hunted for its horns.

Many people consider the horn of the Scimitar Oryx as something very valuable. As the result, people took their horn and let the animal died in nature.

16. Kemp Ridley Turtle

Scimitar Oryx

As one of the smallest ocean turtle, the population of Kemp Ridley Turtle in Gulf of Mexico has decreased. The exploitation of its egg is one of the important factors. It puts the Kemp Ridley Turtle on the list of species that are endangered.

Yet, the shrimp fishing is the most dangerous of many factors. Yes, many fishermen did that without knowing it. The problem is that many of them did not realize that and keep the turtle for their own.

17. Forest Owlet

Forest Owlet

Owl is a bird of prey. Even though the forest owlet is quite small in size, it is still a predator. Unfortunately, the number of real forest owlet as a predator is decreasing for sure. It is true that you can find the forest owlet in the forests in India. Yet, the population is decreasing slowly because of the deforestation.

As an addition to that, the number of predators around the forest gives them a tight competition for food. That is why their number is not going to increase at all.

18. Golden Poison Frog

Golden Poison Frog

The poison of the golden poison frog can easily kill even human. Unfortunately, this is not the reason for this frog to leave the list of species that are endangered. Yes, this dangerous species is on the verge of extinction.

Nature gives this poison frog one species of snake as its main predator. Even though, that is not the main cause of its decreased population. It is still the human who expanded the land to their habitant to create new settlings.

19. Golden Lion Tamarin

Golden Lion Tamarin

The way human took out their habitant is the main cause of the decreasing number of golden lion tamarin. With less than 10 percents of its habitat, it is one sure thing that the golden lion tamarin will extinct soon.

For your information, the number of this ape species was less than 200 on its natural habitat. That was the survey few years ago. That is why preservation is the only way to keep the number of this ape species stable.

20. Vaquita


Vaquita seems like to have no predator. That is because this fish is among the world biggest animals. Unfortunately, there will always be accidents of the Vaquita getting caught on the gillnets of the fishermen.

Based on many sources, there are around 30 Vauqitas died because of the gillnets yearly. With the small number of population, Vaquita is one of those endangered species of the ocean.

21. Helmeted Hornbill

Helmeted Hornbill

It is not a secret anymore that hornbill is already on the list of species that are endangered. Yet, the helmeted hornbill is the real special case.

You can only find this species of hornbill in Indonesia and Malaysia. Unfortunately, the hunting for the hornbill on these countries is very extensive there. As the result, the helmeted hornbill is decreasing quite fast. As a matter of fact, in 2016 the helmeted hornbill is considered as the critically endangered species in the world.

Even though there have been 21 animal species that you can find above, it is not all of them. There are still a lot of endangered species of animal that need the better treatments. As an addition to that, there is always an increasing number of endangered species every day. The reason is because the intolerant way of life of the human.
Because of that reason, good treatment and preservation for those animals are required. It is because only us the human who can save the animals on the list of species that are endangered.