30 Cool Things to Draw When Are You Bored [Best Drawing Ideas]

COOL THINGS TO DRAW – All works without play, they say, makes jack a dull boy. As serious as man sees work, (except the lazy ones, of course) so also do they see need to indulge in some activities during their leisure. What do we do at our leisure? Our leisure activities varies based on our individual interests.

In engaging ourselves during our free periods, there are several recreational activities we can involve in. some people love hiking, diving, driving, fishing, playing video games while some other ones prefers involving in art work at their free period. These could be singing, dancing, writing, molding or building with wooden materials.

Drawing is another recreational activity people engage in at their leisure. It is an imaginative and intelligent way of expressing oneself through sketching of things.

It helps you to draw from your reservoir of knowledge. Unlike several other activities that require financial investment, drawing only requires a blank sheet and a pencil as essential, especially for starters.

Some experienced folks, they take a step further to get brushes and colours, thereby adding painting to their drawings which makes it more natural. Some drawing works can also be sketched, this is based on what the artist intends to achieve.

Several things have been gathered for the starters not to be confused on what to draw. This is also to keep their interest in drawing.

The drawings this book presents are simple to draw and they also help raise emotions and ideas for several other projects you might intend to venture into. You only need to journey through this list. This is a list of cool things to draw.

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List of Cool Things to Draw

1. Lips

cool things to draw
Source: youtube.com

The first cool things to draw is the lips. Lips are one of the beautiful parts of the human body located in the head. They are two soft edges at the opening of the mouth when they serve as the door. They serve several purposes. Most importantly, they aid speaking and making sounds.

It also arouse passion, especially for lovers (in terms of kissing). Some lips comes flat while some are spherical. Lips are naturally without colour but women go a bit further to beautiful their lips by painting, thereby making it glossy.

2. Superman

Superman Drawing
Source: youtube.com

The second cool things to draw is the superman. Superman is a popular fictional personality. Many people, especially kids, love to watch the man with a super power. He has great potentials that enables him to do supernatural things, these range from having the ability to fly in the space and air through the ability to lift extremely heavy things.

His prowess and immense strength makes people love and act his character. Drawing this is drawing strength and it isn’t as stressful as you would think.

3. Ninja Kid

Ninja Kid Drawing
Source: youtube.com

The next cool things to draw is the ninja kid. The ninja kid is an exceptional character in the Japanese play. The kids are trained in different traditional skills. They are however puppets that are controlled by their master Taito.

They are taught to fight evil forces and each persons are given their own unique weapons with which they fight. The ninja kid is clothed as one going to fight a Japanese war. The ninja kid is not hard to draw.

4. Batman Shield

Batman Shield Drawing
Source: youtube.com

The batman is a fictional hero seen in films and books. He is popularly referred to as the dark knight. He is mostly common among the children and lovers of Amazon. Aside various potentials he exhibited, there is an instrument he uses that helps him in fighting.

He makes use of his shield that is made of steel. This ensures some evils especially fire being sent are shielded from hurting him. This shield has a teeth sign on it.

5. Bat

Bat Drawing
Source: youtube.com

Bats are mammals. They are believed to be blind during the day though they know how to find their ways. Their forelimbs are spread and used as wings. They are the only mammals that are capable of true flight.

Bats most times move in mass and thereby serve as an attraction, especially to tourists. They are also good for meat (for some people). Some cultures however believe that bats are related to witchcrat, death and every other thing associated with evil.

6. Puppy

Puppy Drawing
Source: youtube.com

The next cool things to draw is a puppy. A puppy is a lovable, adorable and cuddly companion. It is the young one of a dog that is used as a pet. While some sees them as a liability, source of food, some other are fond of it as a pet.

Puppies are said to be loyal, obedient, courageous, curious and confident. They also tend to get used to their master early. A drawing of this is simple and it draws your passion towards their tender and loving nature.

7. Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon Drawing
Source: youtube.com

The baby dragons as small as they seem develops their predatory instinct as they grow. Their toes, limbs and some strange lines begin to develop. Though the baby dragons are cute with their tails and all they have, they are dangerous and if care is not taken with them, they can grab and hurt you.

As they grow, they continue to lose weight and start growing long. At their early stage, they only hunt worms. Just like their specie, they are cute but dangerous.

8. Owls

Owls Drawing
Source: youtube.com

The next cool things to draw is the owls. Owls are mysterious species of bird that appears at night. Their looks are mysterious and scary. They mostly found on trees with mysterious sounds at night.

An owl is a short but fleshy bird with wings but barely found flying. They have very big eyeballs in their small body with their short legs. They are barely seen with their other counterparts or another birds, they mostly are found alone.

9. Child Elephant

Child Elephant Drawing
Source: youtube.com

The cool things to draw the most fun is drawing baby elephant. The elephant’s child is not in any way different from its specie. It has the normal features of an elephant with trunk and big stature.

Though, the baby elephant is weighs about 130kg and is barely 1 meter tall. They are given milk until attain age two. The baby elephant can only be killed by predators such as lions and hyenas.

However, the mother elephant ensures her baby is secured and protected against the predators. Baby elephants are beautiful and would have been easy to play with if not for their mothers that stands as their shield.

10. 3d Drawing

3d Drawing
Source: youtube.com

Drawing in a 3 dimensional form requires that what is to be drawn should have space and volume. This is mostly shown by making the drawing thick in order to block letters.

Drawing in a 3 dimensional form helps to get to better picture other than just drawing a two dimensional object. In 3d, the third perspective tend to reduce in size, but it shows how our brain is able to perceive what we see. This best cool things to draw.

11. Anime

Anime Drawing
Source: youtube.com

Anime is the japan word for the term animation. It is produced with colourful graphics and wonderful messages. Anime is composed of an ideal story-telling mechanism. This production method has been adopted since the immergence of technology.

It joins graphic arts, characterization, cinematography and several other forms of imaginative and individual techniques. Anime comprise the majority of Japanese films and television.

12. Cartoon Eyes

Cartoon Eyes Drawing
Source: youtube.com

Cartoon eyes are made vertically large with big eyeballs that are fitted into a tiny body. Their eyes are used to differentiate them from normal human beings. Their big eyes in their small body makes them adorable.

The big eyes also make them look like baby animal which we tend to care for. Drawing them makes you feel the whole cartoon animal being there. Drawing of this doesn’t take sweat, it is very easy.

13. Victory Sign

Victory Sign Drawing
Source: youtube.com

The victory sign is a hand gesture in which the index and the middle fingers are raised and parted while the other fingers are clenched together. This sign was used first by the chief of British Army after the World War II.

The Africans see it as the symbol “V” for victory. This shows the peace that is in existence between the whites and the blacks. Though, some cultures see it as a rude sign but to many, it signifies Victory and Peace.

14. Love Puzzle

Cool tings to draw
Source: youtube.com

You could draw an extremely excellent love problem if you draw love puzzle items which are broken apart however on the same canvas and also don’t forget to draw some busted hearts on the pieces. This beautiful cool things to draw.

15. Diamond

Diamond Drawing
Source: drawingartistic.com

Diamonds are the hardest substance ever known. They are so hard and therefore are used to break glasses and also known as rock breakers. It is an allotrope of carbon and the purest form of naturally occurring carbon in chemistry. The diamond is in a crystal-like shape, in fact, it is a crystal and it is octahedral in its shape.

Diamond is a colourless and lusterless solid. It can be transformed into gems for adorning a king’s palace. It can be either artificial or natural. Whichever it is, diamonds are beautiful.

16. Nerd

Nerd Drawing
Source: deviantart.com

Nerds are not only boring to be with, they could also seem stupid. They are not fashionable and most times, like to be left on their own in their own world. They not only act strange, being with them is quite funny as you wonder what turns them on and who they go along with (probably a nerd like them).

What interests them most is books. They glue to this and make it their best friend. Then, they don’t have to meet new friends. If you know a nerd, I bet you would love to draw one and have something to remind you of someone you can’t stop laughing at his or her funny lifestyle.

17. Man with a Beard

Man with a Beard Drawing
Source: youtube.com

Beards are hairs that grow on men’s chin and cheek, a times, some women are found with beards. Beards on a man shows maturity. While some men with beards are seen to be handsome, not all who keep beards appear handsome.

Most men who keep beards tends it occasionally by shaving and shaping to avoid over-growing. Many also applies cream to keep it shiny. Drawing a man with beards is not hard. It either makes you laugh at the man in picture or admire him.

18. Bicycle

Bicycle Drawing
Source: youtube.com

A bicycle is made up of two wheel, one at the front and the other at the back. Just like every other transporting machines, it has a pedal that makes it easy to move and a break, that ensure an easy stoppage especially in times of emergency.

Some people use it for transporting themselves, and some other ones uses it to enjoy themselves at their leisure periods by engaging in races with other people or just tour with it to have a feel of breeze. Bicycle brings a lot of refreshment for those who ride at their leisure.

19. Glasses

Glasses Drawing
Source: youtube.com

Glasses are worn by many people with different purposes. It has two lenses, since we have two eyes. The lenses are in a frame that rests on the nose and the ears. The glasses aids better vision especially for those who have eye defects.

However, some other persons wear glasses for fashion reasons. This they do to complement their dressings. Glasses add to our looks by beautifying us. Drawing it does not take stress.

20. Headphone

Headphone Drawing
Source: youtube.com

Headphones are instruments that are used to listen to music and other sound related things via a connection with a cellphone. Though, at some times, it might be plugged to a phone, provided the headphone has a space for the use of memory card.

Headphones are made from plastic though its internal composition is of wires. Headphones are used for relaxation, entertainment and amplification of sounds.

21. Hamster

Hamster Drawing
Source: youtube.com

Hamster is a rodent that is kept by many people as a pet. It is so small and dear. Its smallness makes you to feel more drawn to it and stirs the wish to shower love and care to it. Hamsters are mostly kept in the laboratory as laboratory animals.

They love to stay underground especially in the day. This is to prevent being eaten by predators. They feed on seeds, fruits, and vegetation. This cute cool tings to draw.

22. Panda

Panda Drawing
Source: youtube.com

There is no doubt that pandas are the prettiest animals on planet earth as well as they are the most effective point to ever draw since they are all contours as well as cuteness as well as you could make them reasonable by simply utilizing your pencil.

23. Monkey

Monkey Drawing
Source: youtube.com

The next cool things to draw is monkey drawing. You might believe that drawing an ape is not cool yet it is if you aim to draw an Orangutan since the percentages are quite enjoyable, the colors are interesting to play around with and the face could be a little an obstacle to draw.

24. Pikachu

Pikachu Drawing
Source: youtube.com

There is not a youngster in this world that does unknown the name of Pikachu since he is famous. As youngsters, most of us made use of to dote over Pikachu and were thrilled by his powers as well as you draw him with his charming round body as well as evil tail with lightening coming off him.

25. Cute Turtles

Cute Turtles Drawing
Source: youtube.com

If you excel at pet drawing after that drawing a charming turtle would certainly be a breeze for you. Also if you are alright at attracting animals, you can draw a charming turtle by attracting its covering and an adorable little head peeping out of it with large rounded eyes.

26. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Drawing
Source: youtube.com

We have actually all invested our childhood years loving Mickey Computer mouse and also just what much better way to pay a homage to him than by attracting him.

You could not know it however Mickey Computer mouse is pretty simple to draw as the shapes are uncomplicated as well as we are sure that you could draw them in a flash as you would just should draw circles for the majority of the body, arm or legs as well as his pants.

27. Cartoon Kitten

Cartoon Kitten Drawing
Source: youtube.com

It is safe to claim that everyone loves kittycats as well as a kitten which is seen in a lot of animes is past adorable. You could practice by drawing an actual kittycat and after that relocate into the animation one.

If you locate it hard to draw you could separate it right into parts; the head initially then the body as well as afterwards draw the limbs as well as end with the tail.

28. Holding Hands

Holding Hands Drawing
Source: youtube.com

Two individuals holding hands is a sign of love and friendship and also it is fairly an enjoyable thing to draw as though like spreading joy.

In order to make the attracting easier, draw the hands initially then draw the intertwined fingers and you will certainly have a cute picture in front of you.

29. Foot in Snow

Foot in Snow Drawing
Source: youtube.com

A foot in the snow might feel like a tough point to draw because how will you have the ability to reveal the foot if it is covered with snow? Do not fret as well as have a good time as snow gives delight so let your creativity flow and draw a foot that is partially covered with snow.

30. Scissors

Scissors Drawing
Source: youtube.com

It is the device that we were not allowed to play with as a youngster as well as constantly seemed too cool and daunting for us yet you could make it come to life with a pen and a paper.

All you should do is get the measurements and the proportions right as well as voila! If you desire the scissors to look intriguing then we suggest that you draw a scissors that is partially open.

The creative world simply brings humankind forwards, in art we discover refuge, in art we locate balance. A straightforward line, a decrease of ink, a brush swing, all parts of a better initiative that simply changes the world, in increments.

It shapes a cosmos where every little thing is feasible, one in which shade, line and appearance are considerably beneficial and also effective. So our article on cool things to draw, get your inspiration in this short article.

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