Amazing Facts of Cat You Need to See

Cats are one of the best pets on the planet and have their own hardcore fans all over the world. The cute and fluffy household animal is perfect as human’s companion at home. On top of being cute, cats have other facts of cat that are interesting to know.

This lovely animal is a popular pet of choice other than dogs and fish. There is a reason why there are tons of memes about cats out there on the internet. Their behavior is unpredictable and funny to look at!

The relationship between human and cat is powerful. The practice of co-living with cat has been around for a long time. Cat was even worshiped as goddess by the Egyptians back then. Cats are simply the one of the best companion for human since a very long time ago.

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List of Facts of Cat

The unique behavior of cat is always great to know. So, we have a list down below about 21 facts of cat that might interest you. From how long they love to sleep to how their behavior means, scroll down below to find out more about cats!

1. Cats hate music

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Normal music for us might not be interesting for your cat. The sounds that they prefer to be around is different than human. However, in 2015, a composer named David Teie created a music album that is called Music for Cats. The album is created in collaboration with animal scientists.

2. Group of kittens is called kindle

Facts of Cat You Need to See
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Familiar with the name kindle? The famous e-book reader is inspired by group of kittens! This group can be called a kindle when they have the same mother. On the other hand, the name of group of adult cats is a clowder.

3. Cats can live up to 38 years old

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While the average life span of cats are only around 15 years, a cat has been known to live for 38 years. The cat was named Crème Puff and lived for 38 years and 3 days. Crème Puff lived from 1967 to 2005 in the United States.

4. Currently, the oldest cats that are still alive is 31 years old

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The next on the list of facts of cat is about the cat that is still alive now. While Crème Puff had passed away, the current oldest cat that is still alive Rubble. Rubble the Cat is currently the world’s oldest living cat. This cat still lives up to now in the year 2020.

5. Cats and humans have co-lived for 10 thousand years

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Often to be featured in stories that originated thousand years ago, cats are proven to have lived with humans for a long time. This is because cats are a great companion for human. They like to play fight and chase toy with one another, which provides entertainment for human.

6. Possible to be allergic to human

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There are a lot of people that are allergic to cat, but what about the other way? It turns out that cats can also have asthma due to allergic reaction. The cause can be human dandruff, pollen, dust and smokes from cigarette. These facts of cat have been widely ignored.

7. Black cat is associated to bad luck, but there’s no reason for it

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In a lot of culture, black cat is often associated to bad luck or even black magic. This started in the Middle Ages where people who believed in superstition killed them as much as they could. However, this has no apparent reason other than stereotypes labeled to black cat.

8. However, black cat is considered good luck in Japan and Britain

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In Japan and Britain, black cat is associated to good luck in terms of relationship. In fact, in the English Midlands, black cats are presented and given to brides. With these facts of cat, it is believed that black cat is a symbol to bless the marriage.

9. Cat videos have been around for a century

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If you are one of the great amounts of people that love cat videos, these facts of cat are interesting for you. The first cat video was created in 1894. That is more than a century!

10. Cats can have unusual number of toes

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These cats are called polydactyl cat. Normally, they would have ten toes on fore paw and another eight on hind paw. Polydactyl cat can have up to nine toes on each paw! Four to seven toes are still common, but the unique characteristic can up the price of the cat.

11. There is a type of cat with no fur

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While cats are associated being a furry animal, there is one type of cat that doesn’t have fur coats. This type of cat is called Sphinx. As the temperature of Sphinx’s body is lower by four degrees than other regular cats, they are fine living in the same place as the other types.

12. Cats love small space

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Cats prefer to cuddle up in small spaces such as box. This is because it makes them remember the time when they were in the womb. By going in small spaces, cats would feel more protected and secure. The warm temperature is another reason why they prefer to stay in small space.

13. Cats don’t meow to each other

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Cats only meow when they were kitten to get the mother’s attention. They don’t use the sound to interact to one another. However, they use the sound to interact with human for us to understand their physical as well as emotional needs.

14. They love to sleep


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This is one of the common facts of cat. As cat spends almost the whole day sleeping, they would spend most of their lives sleeping rather than staying awake. It is estimated that they are only awake for one-thirds of their lives.

15. In the United States, cats are more preferred than dogs

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For pet purpose, there are around 85 million cats that are kept as pet. On the other hand, there are only around 78 million dogs for pet in the United States. So, cats are more favorable as pet.

16. Cat shows started in 1871


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The first cat show that is known was held in 1871 at London’s Crystal Palace. There were hundreds of cats and breeds to be put on display. The event was attended by approximately 200 thousand of guests!

17. The average speed of cat is 50 kilometer per hour


The average speed of cat is 50 kilometer per hour

At the speed of 50 kilometer per hour, cats are very fast. The fastest cat, however, is cheetah. Cheetah can go for up to 120 kilometer per hour. These facts of cat have proved that cat can be faster than dogs.

18. Cats can’t drink milk


Cats can’t drink milk

Cat is often pictured to drink milk in a bowl, but cat is actually lactose intolerant. They cannot drink milk that comes from cow. However, kittens can still drink it because they are still tolerant to the sugar in milk, which is called lactose.

19. They like to give massage to mark the territories


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Cats love to knead and we can often find them massaging human. One of the reasons why cats do this is to mark their territory. This means that if you are massaged by a cat, it might want to turn you into its territory! Their paws have scent glands that are used for marking territory.

20. Massage might also be their neotenic behavior


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Neotenic behavior means that there is a behavior that they like to do as kitten. Then, the behavior continues to be done until they are older. In this case, the behavior is when cats massage the mother’s belly. Kittens do this to stimulate the production of milk so they can drink more.

21. Cats are amazing at parkour

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One of the well-known facts of cat is that they have nine lives. This is because they can fall from a high place and still manage to survive. This is because of the sense of balance that will prevent them to land on the back. On top of that, as they are small and have thick fur, they can spread the legs will falling. This means that they have their own parachute and won’t fall as hard as other animals like dogs.

Conclusion of Facts of Cat

Cats are full of unique behavior as well as physical attributes. From being able to have nine toes for each paw, the amazing balancing ability as well as other unique behaviors, cats are interesting to talk about. This uniqueness is often caught on camera. Cat videos are one of the most popular types of videos on the internet.

Not only that, cats are also skilled in hunting. Even the domestic cats are natural hunters, just like the wild relatives. They still share the same traits, such as hunting at night, great at hearing and incredibly balanced. Their teeth and claws are sharp and can take care of the rodents in the house, which is a great plus for a pet!

So, those are 21 facts of cat that might be interesting to you. If you are a cat lover, you must have enjoyed the list. If you want to know more about cat, you can also check out facts about white tiger. It is one of the big cats in the world!