Funny Weird Facts about Animals

Studying about the world kingdom of animal is limitless, and some facts might never be known by human. This is due to the amount of weird facts about animals that have been discovered, yet you might not know of.

The animal itself is familiar for most people, but there are a few facts about the animals that you might have not learned before.

If you are wondering about some of these facts, there are a lot of common animals that have weird facts. In this article, we will tell you about 21 weird facts about animals that can fascinate you!

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Weird Facts about Animals

1. Panda Does Not Have Bed

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Panda is known to be one of the animals that love to sleep. Even though the sleeping habit of a panda is quite different if compared to other animals, panda doesn’t sleep on their own bed.

In fact, panda doesn’t need any bed to sleep at all! This cute animal is literally able to sleep anywhere they want to. As a matter of fact, panda will sleep whenever and wherever they feel sleepy.

That is why you can find a panda sleeping on the top of a bamboo tree, because they are sleepy.

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2. There are 90 Percents of Fish Left to Discover

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There are a lot of fish that you can name. However, among all those fish that you named, there are still more than 90 percent that we haven’t discovered yet.

Until this very time, there is only about 10 percents of the ocean discovered. That means the 90 percents of the ocean is still undiscovered. That is the next weird facts about animals that you might have never heard before.

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3. Butterflies are Vampires

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Many people think that butterfly is a nice and cute animal because they have colorful patterns. Although, there is one random fact about animal that you might not know of from a butterfly.

Butterflies share a similar trait to vampires. The reason is because the butterflies are not only sucking the extract from the flowers, but they can drink blood too.

Yes, this is something that rarely happens. Yet, this is one fact that you cannot deny. So, if there are no more flowers in the world, the butterflies might start sucking your blood like a vampire.

4. Platypus Closes Their Eyes When Swimming

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Platypus is a great swimmer. It is because this mammal lives on the land and water. However, there is one thing that you have missed from the platypus.

Platypus always closes its eyes when it is swimming. This might be something quite shocking as the next weird facts about animals.

That is because many people think that a platypus will never close its eyes when swimming. However, the condition of their eyes is quite similar with the human. That is why they have to close their eyes when they are swimming.

5. Eagle is More Dangerous than a Rifle Gun

In a war, rifle gun is one kind of weapon that many people are afraid of. That is because the damage from a rifle gun is very significant.

However, do you know that eagle is more dangerous than a rifle gun? Based on some studies and experiments, the strike of an eagle is greater than a rifle gun.

It is because the eagle usually has the longer flying distance that will give more power when they hunt. As an addition, the strength of their claws is very great.

6. Starling is the Best Imitator

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People love parrots because they can imitate what people said. Yet, there is another bird that is better in imitating that a parrot is. It is the starling.

This is the next weird facts about animals because there are very few people who have starling as pet. For your information, the brain of starling is not bigger than parrots. Even though, their response in imitating words is better than parrots.

7. Hippopotamus is a Real Killer for a Mammal

Who says that a mammal is a friendly animal? If you still have that kind of thought, you need to know about this fact. It is because there are a lot of studies about the number of people that hippopotamus kills in a year.

Based on that number, the hippopotamus is a real killer for a mammal. The numbers showed that in a year the hippopotamus is able to kill human two times more than any other mammals in this world. You need to be careful with this animal for sure.

8. The Brain of an Ostrich is Smaller than Its Eye

Many people learned that the eyes of an ostrich is quite big. as a matter of fact, it is bigger than the human. Unfortunately, there is one weird facts about animals that you need to know about its eyes.

The eyes of ostrich are bigger than the brain. This might be something funny to know. Even though, you surely notice that from the way this animal hides from its predator. Have you ever seen an ostrich hiding its head only?

9. Axolotl is an Alien

The name of axolotl is not that famous because you can only find this kind of salamander on the Mexican region. Yet, there is one amazing fact about this animal.

It is because this salamander is able to grow their lost limbs. It happened because most parts their body is made of the stem cells.

That is why they can grow their lost limbs. Even though this is something possible, this fact is quite shocking. It is not a wrong thing to say that axolotl is an alien.

10. Slow Loris Has Venomous Saliva

Who has ever thought that slow loris can be very dangerous? The next weird facts about animals are the fact that this kind of cute mammal has the deadly venom from its saliva.

Yes, you read it right. The saliva of this mammal has the venomous matter. This matter will give the anaphylactic reaction.

The symptoms are quite similar with an allergic. Even though, the more you leave it, the more dangerous it will be. That is why there are some cases of death because of the saliva of this mammal.

11. There is a Walking Fish

Fish are swimming in the ocean. It is true, but there is one species of fish that walks on the ocean floor. It is the red handfish. This kind of fish is something that you can only find on the deep sea.

That is why you might not be able to find it that easy. This fish has the fins that look like a real hand. As a matter fact, the fish use those hands to walk on the ocean floor. Of course, they are also able to swim. Yet, they also use their hands to walk there.

12. Hagfish Eats from Corpses

The hagfish is not a zombie fish. Yet, this fish gets its food from absorbing the nutrients on the corpses. That is not the only weird facts about animals that you need to know.

This kind of fish is also very unique because the fish does not eat using its mouth. The fish has mouth. However, this fish uses its skin to absorb the nutrients. That is why this fish usually swim around the corpses of the dead.

13. Sloth is the King of Ice

People usually shiver when they are cold. This is one kind of movements that you cannot control at all. As a matter of facts, almost all the other animals in this world do the same thing. However, sloth is not one of them.

It does not matter how cold the area is, sloth will never shiver. Of course, they could not stand the low temperature. Yet, they will never shiver even though when they have to sleep on the nature with five degrees Celsius.

14. Giraffe Uses the Urine to Find the Mating Time

For a human, drinking the urine of the other gender is something disgusting. On the other hand, the male giraffe does that thing. The male giraffe usually drinks the urine of the female giraffe.

This is the next weird facts about animals that you need to know because they do that to find the best mating time. The urine of the urine changes because of the hormone of the female giraffe. That is why the male giraffe can find the best mating time from the urine.

15. Kiwis See Using Their Nose

There are only a tiny number of people who know that the vision of a kiwi is very bad. As a matter of fact, it is not better than people with glaucoma are.

That is why they rely on their nose most of the time. Kiwis use their nose to locate the insects for them to eat. That is why they have a great sense of smell when they are looking for foods.

16. There is a Beautiful Worm Called Christmas Worm

Christmas is a beautiful day that many people are waiting for. this might be the main factor that made the Christmas worm looks very pretty. Yes, you cannot deny this weird facts about animals.

It is because this kind of worm looks likes a real Christmas tree. Besides that, the color of this worm is very colorful. That is why this worm might be the loveliest and the most beautiful worms on earth.

17. Pyrostremma is the Longest Animals at Sea

The name of pyrostremma is something that many people have never heard about. It is because this kind of sea worm is quite rare. Although, this sea worm might be the longest living creature in the ocean.

It is because this sea worm can grow up to 30 meters. That was based on the research some years ago. Even though the diameter of this sea worm is not that big, the length is very amazing.

18. Snail Can Sleep for Years

The next one on the list of weird facts about animals comes from snail. Many people hate this kind of slimy creature. That might be the reason why there are not many information about this animal.

Even though, there is one shocking fact about the snails. This slimy animal is able to sleep up to three years. It is still a mystery how this animal is able to sleep for that long, but that happened.

19. The Fingerprint of Koala is Same as the Human

Orangutan and some other primates said to be the closest relatives of animal from the human. Yet, there is one weird facts about animals that come from koala. This kind of cute bear turned out to have the similar fingerprint such as human.

The scientists discovered this thing at one of the crime scenes of a murder many years ago. There was a strange fingerprint at the crime scene. After some investigation, the fingerprint belonged to a koala.

20. Elephant Does Not Jump

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Some people will say that the elephant is not able to jump because of the weight. That is quite reasonable. However, if you are talking about the weight, you can look at the dinosaur and some other big animals in the world.

Those animals are able to jump, but elephant does not. The weird facts about animals are something that many people did not realize. You might also be one of them who have just realized it.

21. Bat Never Turn Right When Leaving the Cave

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The last fact about the animal is something quite strange. Do you know that bats will never turn right when they are leaving their cave? Based on many studies, the pack of bats will always turn left when they are leaving their cave.

Until this point, there is still no detail information about this weird thing. That is because the bats can actually turn right. Yet, the bats will always turn right when they are leaving their cave.

Those are some facts about common animals that you surely have missed. Besides those 21 facts, there are still a lot of other weird facts that you might have never heard before. So, do you dare to find more weird facts about animals in this world?