21 Interesting Facts of Snake that Will Poison Your Life

Many people hate snakes because of its poison. This is one of those facts of snake that you cannot deny as the poison can be very dangerous sometimes. Beside that reason alone, there are some other reasons why a lot of people hate this kind of reptile. Despite of those reasons, there are a lot of mysterious things about it. That is why there are some literatures that show the mysterious parts of this reptile.

For your information, there are a lot of hidden facts about this reptile that might leave your life full of poison. If you want to know, here are some of those poisonous facts about the snake that you need to know.

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Interesting Facts of Snake that Will Poison Your Life

1. Beheading the Snake is Useless

facts of snakes

It is a general knowledge that beheading an animal will usually kill the animal. That is why a lot of people think about the same thing about the snake.

Unfortunately, that is not the right thing to do. If you think that you can kill a snake by cutting down its head, you made a mistake. Even after you beheaded a snake, it can still spit its poison. That is because the head has its own capability to do so.

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2. There are Some Places with No Snake

interesting facts of snakes

Snake is one of those reptiles that you can find in many different places in the world. Yet, there is one special facts of snake that you need to know. There are some places where you will never see even a single snake.

Those place are the North Pole and South Pole, New Zealand on the eastern part of the world, and Iceland. It seems a bit okay to say that snake does not live in cold. However, what about New Zealand?

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3. More than 700 Species of Snakes Are Poisonous

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Many of you have known that there are a lot of poisonous snakes in this world. Based on the study, there are more than 700 species of snake that are poisonous. Although, you do not need to worry about that. It is because only one third of them that is quite lethal.

That means, if you have to deal with the other two third, you will not die instantly. It is something questionable, but it is the weird fact about animals you need to know from snake.

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4. Snake was Land Lizard

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This might be something new for some people. It is because in the past there were traces of large snakes with legs. Those snakes are the giant boas and pythons. Fortunately, there is no real evidence of those giant snakes have the legs.

That is because no corpses of those giant snakes showed any sign of having legs or something similar. That is why the facts of snake as the land lizard in the past is actually still quite a mystery.

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5. Snakes Digest Its Food for Five Days

intresting facts of snakes

Snake can eat a very large prey. Yet, snakes need a lot of time to digest its victim before it is ready to find another prey. Many snakes need the average of five days to digest its prey.

That means if there is a snake attack near you, you will not need to worry about it for the next five days. You can try to set a trap if you know the possible time when the snake will come again.

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6. Mongoose is Anti-Snake



Mongoose is an amazing animal that has the real antibody of snake’s poison. There are few people who have learned this facts of snake. The meaning of antibody is that this animal has the total immune over the poison of snakes.

You can even inject the poison of a king cobra snake to a mongoose. You will notice that there is no significant effect of the poison to the mongoose. It will survive even the worst poison of a snake that you have.

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7. Anaconda is the Biggest Species of Snake


At least, this is what has been clocked. For your information, there was corpse of a giant snake in Kalimantan, Indonesia, which was anaconda. At that time, the experts estimated the weight of this anaconda was around 270 kilograms.

The length reached 30 feet. However, the length might be shrunk a bit because it was the corpse, not the real living anaconda. With that size, it is not a secret that the anaconda can have human as its snack.

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8. Black Mamba Can Bite You Up to 10 Times

facts of cobra snake

If you are talking about the snakebites, many of them can only bite once or twice in a row. Yet, the black mamba is the most different of all. This kind of poisonous snake is able to bite and spit its poison up to 10 times in a row.

The facts of snake might be very shocking for many people who are afraid of the black mamba. That is because the snake only needs one bite to kill many of its prey. Can you imagine if this snake bites you 10 times in a row?

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9. Snakes Might Explode Because of Its Food


Many people have learned that snakes are able to eat its prey even though the prey is bigger than its mouth. It is because the structure of the jaw is very unique. Unfortunately, that is the problem that the snakes have to deal with.

If the snake eats a far bigger prey, then there is a possibility that its stomach might explode. This thing actually happened to a python that ate two-meter alligator. For your consideration, the length of the python was only around four meters.

10. Snake Does Not Use Teeth for Eating


Some of you might think that it is something crazy. Yet, this is one of those facts of snake that you need to know. They have a lot of teeth, up to 200 to be exact. Yet, there is no snakes that use their teeth for eating.

They use those scary teeth for helping them to swallow their food. That is why when you see the structure of their teeth, the teeth tend to face inward. It is because those teeth are like the traps that will keep their food to go inside their stomach.

11. Few Snakes Are Able to Fly

Yes, this is not a good thing to hear, but that is the truth that you need to know. Fortunately, those snakes are not flying as if bird. That is because the snake is one family of reptile, not the birds. Actually, those five species of snakes only jump.

The problem is that those five species of snakes are able to jump up to 100 meters. That is why those few snake species are considered as the flying snake. You need to be careful with those flying snakes.

12. Snakes Never Have Toothache



One fact that you cannot deny is that snake has more than 200 teeth inside their mouth. Yet, they never have any problems with their teeth. Even though their teeth can only last for three months, the new tooth will grow immediately.

This is one scary facts of snake that you should not miss. It is as if the snake will never run out of teeth even though they lost is once every three months.

13. Arafura has the Possibility of Becoming an Endangered Species



For some people who live near the snake pit, mating season can be very scary. It is because they might have to deal with a lot of new baby snakes. However, that is not something that you can find from the arafura snake. This kind of snake lays a very small amount of egg because of their eating habit.

Based on many studies, this kind of snake will only lay an egg once every ten years. That is why, there is a possibility that arafura will be an endangered species in the future.

14. Snakes Can Go Very Slow


Snakes are scary because of their fast attack. Yet, there are times when their attacks are very easy to predict. You can even avoid the attack without any problem. It is when their body temperature reaches 50 degree or lower.

This is the main reason why you can find some snakes lying on the middle of the road during the cold season. They are actually warming their body up so that they can move faster. This will be another facts of snake that many people have missed.

15. Mozambique Cobra is the Best Sniper


There is one sniper on the family of snake. It is the Mozambique cobra. As the name implies, you can find this kind of cobra in Mozambique. Many people there know that this cobra is a real sniper among the other snakes there.

It is because the Mozambique cobra is able to spit its poison up to the distance of eight feet. As an addition to that, most of its victims were spitted on the eye. Fortunately, the poison of a Mozambique is not that lethal.

16. Two Headed Snake Exists


There are a lot of myth and folklore about the two-headed snakes. For your information, this kind of snake actually exists. There is no specific family or even species of this snake. That is another part of facts of snake that you need to know.

Actually, there is a slight chance for every species of snake to give birth to a two-headed snake. However, the chance is quite small. as an addition to that, this kind of snake usually do not live long. They will die after getting their meal for three to five times.

17. Snakes is a Real Killer Compared with Shark


A lot of shark attacks were getting great attention even though there were surveys that shark attacks counted less than 10 in a year. On the other hand, the snake attack is rarely published.

On the average number, there are more than 40,000 snake attacks happened every year in every parts of the world. That is why, compared with the shark, snake is the real killer.

18. Snakes Can Get Sick Too



The information about the disease in snake is very limited. It is because there are very few experts who do research about the snake. Even though, there is one facts of snake related to its physical condition that you needed to know.

It is the fact that snakes can get sick too. there are some snakes that have the ‘mad snake disease’. That is the name that many experts give. There is no specific detail about the main cause of this disease, but many experts believe that the rats did.

19. 30 Percents of Snake Give Birth to Their Baby


At school, people learned that snakes lay eggs when they want to breed. That is not 100 percents accurate. It is because there are about 30 percents of those snakes that give birth to their baby snake.

Those snakes are the ones living in the cold area. those snakes do that to make sure that the baby snakes born safely.

20. Snake Never Stops Growing

random fun fact about animals

This is the next facts of snake that you need to know about this scary reptile. Unlike many other animals that will stop growing at some ages, snake will never stop growing.

However, the growth rate of this reptile will get lower as they age. For example, during the first month a snake can grow up into few inches. Yet, during their last months of living, they will only grow an inch or even less.

21. The Longest Snake Fossil Was 50 Feet Long


Anaconda might be the longest living snake nowadays. Yet, in the past, there was a fossil of a giant snake. The length of that fossil is reaching 40 feet long. For your information, the snake was predicted to live around 60 million years ago.

If that is what happened, then it is quite possible that the snake has some small dinosaurs for its snack. With that length, the snake can easily eat a large crocodile without any problem.

Those are some of those many facts of snake that you might have missed. For those who are in love with snake, those facts might be quite general. Yet, for those who do not like snake at all, the information might be very useful. So, which kind of person are you?