Where Do Tigers Live ?

Big cats are often pictured as the symbol of courage, strength and even dignity by a lot of different cultures all over the world. Tigers, being one of them, are even chosen to be one of the Zodiac animals. Tigers are known to have exceeding amount of bravery and self-confident, as well as solitary that makes them competitive. This majestic creature intrigues questions like, where do tigers live?

They are one of a kind; even the stripes of each tiger in this world is never the same, just like human’s fingerprint. These stripes are helpful as a camouflage as they like to hunt in silence before quickly grappling the preys.

Estimate to have 3,000 tigers left in the wild, where do tigers live? Tigers are one of the endangered animals due to their habitat ruined by human’s development, as well as human hunting for their body parts.

As tigers like to roam alone in the wild, they like to expand their territories widely in the forest. The largest range is held by Siberian Tiger, in which territory spans are up to 10,000 square kilometers. Tigers would mix the urine and scent gland secretions and mark the territories with the mix onto trees and rocks.

Where Do Tigers Live?

1. How Tigers Eat


Where Do Tigers Live?

Most of the wild tigers are found in Asia, and the rest are in colder areas such as northeastern China and eastern Russia. The ones living in the colder areas are the larger subspecies of tigers.

Tigers living in warmer areas, such as in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia are considered smaller in size.

However, this means that tigers live in environments that are varied, from tropical forests, mangrove forests to cold forests. This means that the eating habits are all different according to where do tigers live.

As carnivores, tigers mainly eat large prey they can find in the wild, such as deer, pigs, rhinos and elephants. The teeth of tigers are built for preying fast, in which they would grab the prey’s neck with it and attack the nerves.

The bites of tigers are quick and fatal. Tigers have been hunting since they are 8 weeks old with the mother and live up to 15 years, making them very skilled in hunting.

2. Tigers Invading South Africa

Where Do Tigers Live?


According to history, South Africa is not one of the natural habitats of tigers, unlike their big cats’ friend, lions. However, now wild tigers can be found there, exactly near Philip polis, Free State, India.

Humans purposely introduce tigers to this area back in 2020, which is a part of project by John Varty. The reason is to preserve the population of Bengal Tigers; therefore, he created this hybrid species. However, the species is not considered endangered as of now.

Other than that, the numbers of tigers’ population known in history has been decreasing up to 93% now due to humans.

According to history, there are nine subspecies of tigers known and only six left by now. If you are also interested in checking their big cats friend, lions, check out the habitat of a lion here.

In conclusion, the answer to the question where do tigers live is in jungles. This is for both Bengal and Sumatran tigers, although they prefer to stay in different parts and types of jungles. This means they could be found anywhere in the jungle, from grasslands, swamps, forests to rocky mountains.