The Big Animal in the World

In this world, there are a lot of animal species that you can find. Among many of them, some are big and some others are small. However, some of them are quite enormous so you can say that they are the big animal in the world. The reason is because these animals grow beyond their regular size. Some of them even reach the size where no one would ever imagine.

If you are curious what those animals are, you need to check on this list. Here you will find the list of the biggest animal from many different species that you might have never known before. Here are some of them.

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25 Names of the Big Animal in the World

1. Field Marshall the Bull

the big animal in the world

Bull is known as one of the biggest animal that many people raised. That is why it is something quite common to find a bull with the weight reaching 2,000 pounds.

However, there is a white bull in UK with the heaviest weight ever counted. The name is Field Marshall. The weight of this bull is reaching 3,400 pounds and this bull won the award for the biggest bull in the world.

2. Gary the Capybara

the most big animal in the world
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There are few people who understand the term of capybara. Yet, when they see this giant water rodent, they will surely have their own term to call this mammal.

This animal is listed on the big animal in the world because there is one capybara raised in US. The name is Gary and this capybara weighted around 112 pound.

3. African Bush Elephant

name of big animal

Africa is quite famous for its big animals because of the untamed nature there. As a matter of fact, you can find one of the biggest elephant species there. It is the African bus elephant.

The size of this mammal is actually quite similar with many other elephant species. Yet, the weight of this species can reach 13,000 pounds. That is because of their strong muscles and bones.

4. Blue Whale

Blue Whale

It is not a secret anymore that whale is one of the biggest fish in the ocean. To make it clearer, you can say the name of the blue whale. This specific species of whale is the biggest that you can find inside the ocean.

It is because the length of this fish is reaching 100 feet. That is why the blue whale is inside the big animal in the world list. For the weight, it can reach the maximum weight of 200 tons.

5. Zulu the Giraffe

Zulu the Giraffe the most animal big in the world
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The height of a giraffe might be equal to three men standing. That is something that you cannot deny. However, in United States, there is a giraffe called Zulu.

There are few people who realized, but Zulu is one of the tallest giraffe ever lived. The reason is because this giraffe has the height of 19 feet. To make it better, Zulu is still on the adolescent age.

6. Bismarck Flying Fox

 Bismarck Flying Fox

Have you ever seen a flying fox before? It is still a mystery, but there is a species of bat called Bismarck the flying fox that you can find in Papua New Guinea. This bat is the one and only that you can find there and the length of this bat is reaching four feet while hanging.

Unfortunately, the health of the big animal in the world named Bismarck is getting worse. This is the reason why this bat is among those animals on the endangered species list.

7. Blakiston Fish Owl

iggest big animal in the world

It is true that there are some species of owl that can grow quite large, but the fish owl is not one of them. Even though, there is one species of fish owl called Blakiston fish owl from Japan that can grow beyond everyone expectation.

It is because this kind of fish owl can grow up to 19 pounds. With that size, the nocturnal has the average wingspan of 70 inches or more.

8. Colonel Meow

big animal in the world in hindi

The next one is Colonel Meow who has placed inside the Guinness book of World Record. This special cat has the longest fur among many other cats on the same species.

His fur is also one thing that made him to be on the list of the big animal in the world. That is because without the fur, this cat is not that big after all.

9. Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle is the next one on the list. This eagle is one of the biggest on its species. If you think that this eagle is enough to eat one rabbit daily, you are wrong. The size of its talons can easily reach four inches.

That is not something meant for a rabbit. Those talons can even hunt a dog. For the size comparison, you can say that this eagle has the same size as a medium-sized retriever.

10. Goldie the Goldfish

dangerous big animal in the world

Who said that a goldfish is something for the kids? That is not something applicable for Goldie the Goldfish. This goldfish has grown up to five times of a regular goldfish. So, if you find a goldfish with the average size of two inches, Goldie the Goldfish can grow up to 10 inches.

11. Weta Cricket

my big animal world book

Some people in some parts of the world eat crickets. However, what about the cricket on the big animal in the world list? It is one sure thing to consider because there is a cricket with the size of a human palm, around five to seven inches. This special Giant Weta Cricket is not eating leaves. It eats carrot and some other vegetables of the same size.

12. New York Rat

Many people agree that the sewer in New York is one of the scariest nightmare in the world. You can find almost anything there, including the giant rat.

Yes, few years ago, a worker found this giant rat inside the sewer. The length of this giant rat reached two meters, from the head to the tail. Do you think Master Splinter really exists?

13. Chinese Giant Salamander

Chinese Giant Salamander

Salamander is like a myth for many people around the world. That is because the size of a salamander that you can find nowadays is not bigger than a lizard. However, the Chinesepeople found something amazing, a salamander with the size of large cat.

The size of this creature is almost similar with a small crocodile, around 40 inches or so. To make it worse, the giant salamander is listed on the big animal in the world because of the weight that can reach 24 pounds.

14. Goliath Frog

the big animal in the world

Have you ever seen a giant jumping frog? If you have not, then you will need to go to Africa and find the Goliath Frog. Even though the name is goliath, there is no one who expects the size of this frog can be very big.

It is because the size of a Goliath Frog is about seven to 10 times of a normal frog. It is a real nightmare for some people who have phobia with frog.

15. Coconut Crab

Coconut Crab is quite rare and this creature can live for more than 60 years. That is why the crab can grow up to the size of an adult. The size of its legs can even go bigger than the calf of an average adult. Are you still thinking about eating this giant seafood?

16. Hulk the Pitbull

Hulk the Pitbull the Big Animal In The World
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Some people are afraid of pitbull because of their nature. If you are one of them, then you should not see Hulk the Pitbull. This pitbull was the biggest among the pitbull species. The heaviest weight at that time was 170 pounds. For the height, this pitbull has the average height around 48 inches at that time.

17. Big Pig

Big Pig the Most Animal Big in the World
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The next one on the big animal in the world is the big pig in Wafangdian City in China. The size of this pig is very enormous. That is because the size of this pig is even bigger than a BMW motorbike. With the weight of 2,000 pounds, this pig is one of the biggest pigs that you can find in the world.

18. Freshwater Stingray

how big is the smallest animal in the world
Stingray is one kind of species that you can find on the saltwater. Yet, there are few that you can find on the freshwater area. However, when you find one, the size is something quite gigantic.

In Southeast Asia region, you can find some of them with the weight of 1,200 pounds or even more. That is why it is not a big deal to say that this special stingray is a river monster.

19. Huntsman Spider

The number of people with arachnophobia is not that large. However, if there are more and more huntsman spiders in the world, then the number will surely increase a lot.

It is because the size of the big animal in the world is about five to seven inches. That is the size of its main body only. If you are asking for its legs, then you will get the size around 20 inches. Some even grow up to 30 inches.

20. Hercules Moth

Found on the Australia and Papua New Guinea, the Hercules Moth might be one of those insects that need a new place. That is because many people do not realize this insect because of the size.

Some people even think of a bird when they saw this insect flies. It is because the Hercules Moth has the average wingspan of eight to 10 inches.

21. Sammy the Tortoise

There is a different between tortoise and turtle. Most of the tortoises are small while the turtles are quite big. What if there is a tortoise with the size of a turtle? That is something happening in one state in United States.

A man named Colin raised his tortoise named Sammy until the tortoise grows to 110 pounds. This is the reason why Sammy the tortoise is listed on the big animal in the world.

22. Blossom the Tall Cow

Blossom the Tall Cow the Most Big Animal in the World
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Some farmers are getting used to see a large cow reaching 1,000 pounds. However, Blossom is quite special because it is not only heavy, but also tall. There are few cows around the world with the height as tall as Blossom.

That is because Blossom has the height of seven feet. For the weight, Blossom reached the heaviest weight around 2,000 pounds before she died on the age of 13.

23. Hercules the Tiger

Hercules the Tiger the most big animal in the world
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Some people are dreaming of riding a large cat and this is likely possible nowadays. There is a hybrid of lion and tiger called liger.

This species is quite unique because of its weight that can reach 800 pounds. This will be a real nightmare, even for the people, since the length of this liger is reaching 10 feet when standing.

24. Giant Oarfish

Oarfish is like an untold story of the deep ocean. That is because this kind of fish grows for quite a long length. For your information, there was a stranded giant oarfish in the United States.

The length of this fish is very gigantic because it reaches 10 feet. With the average oarfish length of five feet or less, this giant oarfish is on the big animal in the world list.

25. Saltwater Crocodile

The saltwater crocodile is conclusion on this list. You need to realize the differences of crocodile and alligator. This is something that you cannot deny. There were some movies showing how scary this kind of crocodile can be.

Besides its length that reaches 20 feet, the weight is also something quite scary. The saltwater crocodile can have the weight around 2,000 to 2,200 pound. There is no way that you will survive this river monster.

The list above is some of the examples of the animals that grow beyond its regular size. This is something that only Mother Nature knows. So, you should not think how it is possible for those animals to grow bigger than its regular size.
For your information, there are actually more animals other than those mentioned above. Yet, there are still many of them left undiscovered. Therefore, it is very possible that the animals on the big animal in the world above will change in the future. The reason is because people find some other new animals.